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Governance and Charitable Status

Corporate governance arrangements at Plymouth College of Art set and monitor the organisation’s strategy and objectives. The governing body aim is to give assurance and improve performance within the organisation by strategically focussing on clear and robust systems and control processes.

Legal name: Plymouth College of Art

Correspondence Address: Plymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place, Plymouth, PL4 8AT

Constitutional Documents:

The governors are responsible for corporate governance which includes the leadership, direction and control of the organisation, with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness within the organisation through the relationship with management and the organisation stakeholders and the pursuit of objectives in the interests of the organisation and its stakeholders.

The governing body discharges its responsibilities of the duty of care by ensuring that the public funds received are spent for the intended purposes and that value for money is obtained.

Risk management is an integral part of any decision made by the governing body. The Audit Committee monitors progress and advises the governing body regarding controls on risk management.

The Corporation has a structure of five Committees and one Working Group to undertake strategic business control and monitoring:

  • Finance and Estates Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Nominations and Governance Committee
  • Employment Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Capital Build Working Group

Within each Committee or Working Group specialist members (Independent Committee Members) join the governors to provide professional advice and guidance. The Corporation meeting schedule ensures that the Committees and Governing Body are able to deliver their responsibilities and business in a timely manner, and to meet external bodies’ requirements.

Governors are recruited taking into account, wherever possible, equality and diversity issues. In particular, the Nominations and Governance Committee consider an individual's skills and experience to make certain there is a fit with the mission, vision and objectives of the College. High standards of ethical, personal and corporate conduct are expected from members, in accordance with the Standards in Public Life, commonly referred to as the ‘Nolan’ principles. All governors are encouraged to participate in development and training programmes, briefings, seminars and workshops. Members regularly receive routine circulations of a range of printed information and briefing material.

Principal Paul Fieldsend Danks Plymouth College of Art webres
Professor Paul Fieldsend-Danks
Principal and Chief Executive, Professor of Fine Art
Paul Fieldsend-Danks is Principal at Plymouth College of Art.
David Noyce0694sq
David Noyce
Chair of Board of Governors. Chair of Nominations & Governance Committee, Member of Finance & Estates Committee, Remuneration Committee and Employment Committee.
David Noyce worked for over twenty years in a senior position at the funder and regulator of higher education in England, HEFCE. Latterly he was responsible for universities and colleges in London, Kent and the East of England and led HEFCE’s relations with the NHS and with specialist institutions.
Sue Brownlow
Deputy Chair of Board of Governors.
Dr Sue Brownlow - Deputy Chair of Board of Governors. Chair of Remuneration Committee and Chair of Employment Committee. Member of Audit Committee and Nominations & Governance Committee.
Anna Corbett
Anna Corbett
Member of Finance & Estates Committee
Anna Corbett is Chief Executive for Tor Mark Ltd, a leading publishing and distribution company. Anna has considerable experience in non-profit organisations. She is currently involved in significant grant-awarding for the Cornwall Community Foundation, as well as retaining a portfolio on non-executive roles, where she specialises in leading and developing excellence in governance and trusteeship.
Duncan Tringham A4
Duncan Tringham
Member of Audit Committee
Duncan is a partner and head of the education practice at Foot Anstey LLP, a leading regional law firm which advises college and universities in the South West. Duncan has worked in the FE and HE sectors his entire career supporting a variety of institutions including Cornwall College, Exeter College, SGS College, Plymouth University, Bristol University and Bath Spa University amongst many others.
Ian Parry PCA Governor Photo copy
Ian Parry
Chair of Audit Committee
Ian qualified as a chartered accountant with Touche Ross in 1990 and has since worked in a variety of audit, assurance and accountancy roles in both the public and private sectors. He worked as an external auditor for Touche Ross and the District Audit Service of the Audit Commission and as an internal audit manager in local government and the National Health Service.
Dame Janet Ritterman A4
Janet Ritterman
Member of Audit Committee
Much of Janet Ritterman’s professional career has been in higher education, first at Middlesex Polytechnic (now Middlesex University), then at Goldsmiths (University of London) and from 1987 at Dartington College of Arts, initially as Head of Music and latterly as Principal. Between 1993 and 2005 she was Director of the Royal College of Music and Visiting Professor of the University of Plymouth.
Harriet Moore
Harriet Moore
Student Governor
Harriet Moore graduated from Plymouth College of Art with a BA (Hons) Photography in 2020. Prior to being elected the 2020/21 Students' Union President she worked on the SU Team as Marketing and Enterprise Lead for two years and as a Student Ambassador for three years.
Emmeline Kwan
Emmeline Kwaan
Student Governor
Emmeline Kwaan is a BA (Hons) Craft & Material Practices student at Plymouth College of Art. She has been a Student Representative for her course for two years and was awarded Student Rep of the Year for 2020/21.
Mark Greaves
Mark Greaves
Chair of Finance and Estates Committee, Member of Remuneration Committee and Employment Committees
Mark Greaves - Chair of Finance and Estates Committee, Member of Remuneration Committee and Employment Committees
Tim Jones1
Tim Jones
Member of Finance and Estates Committee
Tim Jones is a Board Member of the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (having served as Chairman from its inception) and Chairman of Devon & Cornwall Business Council. He is also involved in a number of other organisations including the executive of the Business Forum South West, Board Member of Water Share Panel, Board Member of Plymouth Chamber, Vice Chairman of Plymouth Area Business Council and Board Member of North Devon +. Board Member of the Local Transport Board and Tim is the national lead for the LEP Network on the Great Food Plan (a Defra initiative).
Tom Archer Staff Governor 1
Tom Archer
Staff Governor
Tom Archer is the Head of Management Information & Data Services and Business Support Staff Governor at Plymouth College of Art. He Joined the College in September 2000 and took up his current post in 2015. An active member of the College community, Tom sits on numerous committees, including Academic Standards & Quality, Learning, Teaching & Enhancement and Equality & Diversity. He has a professional interest in data analysis and using data to implement change. Tom is committed to supporting student success and also coaches football at youth level in his local community.
Andew Honey 1 1
Andrew Honey
Member of Audit Committee
Andy started life as a Marine Engineer Officer in the Merchant Navy, before enjoying an extensive career in commerce, industry and the public sector. He has worked with some of the largest global corporations, including ExxonMobil, Conoco, Tesco, M&S, Diageo and MyTravel, as well as founding and leading several small businesses in the area of SMART, sustainable and low carbon solutions.
Andy james film plymouth college of art15090012627 80b142537b z
Andrew Cooper-James
Senior Lecturer
Andrew Cooper-James is a lecturer on BA (Hons) Film & Screen Arts and BA (Hons) Digital Media Production at Plymouth College of Art. Andrew has a Masters in Contemporary Film Practice and is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
Dr Ian Tunbridge OBE Board of Governors Plymouth College of Art
Dr Ian Tunbridge OBE
Member of the Finance & Estates Committee
Dr Ian Tunbridge (OBE) has extensive experience of Higher and Further Education, and particularly of HE in FE, marketing, enterprise and widening participation.