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Creativity doesn’t just happen in the studio, workshop or darkroom. It’s a way of life. A lot has changed here since we started out over 160 years ago, but this simple equation of living and making still shapes everything we do.

We collaborate

We’re an independent, university-sector art school, with an internationally distinctive identity. Nationally, we are a Founding Associate of Tate Exchange, and internationally, we act as advisors to the Cheongju International Craft Biennale. Our contribution to the creative industries and cultural agenda continues to grow, offering more opportunities each year to collaborate with leading artists from around the world.

Making time, making space

Our tutors are practising artists and designers, and our technicians are highly skilled masters of their crafts. We're all making something. Some are working at degree level, while others are pre degree or postgraduate - all are contributing to the growth of the creative industries in the UK. We're proud of our big, open studios, our diverse ecosystem of materials and our inspirational equipment and technologies.

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Over 160 years of creativity

Plymouth College of Art was founded in 1856 as the first specialist school of art and design in the city. Since that time, we've retained our independence, identity and our ability to respond swiftly to emerging trends and artistic movements. And the beliefs that hold us together haven't changed. Social justice - through community impact and social mobility, and creative learning - through pedagogical innovation, are at the heart of everything we do.

Thinking and making

Study with us and you'll expand your critical approach alongside developing skills in research and analysis. Our academically robust and intellectually stimulating degree programmes are delivered by our team of academics, technical demonstrators and invited experts who together deliver excellence in learning, teaching and assessment. Our programmes encourage diversity in thinking and making - from practical applications through to reflective, analytical writing

We provide a dynamic, stimulating learning environment from which to test new models of practice, while investing in the rich relationship between practice and theory - based on the potential in material and visual exploration, collaborative working, cross-fertilisation of ideas, and the exploration of histories and contemporary contexts.

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Join us

Atmosphere is a hard thing to put into words, but so many people come here say the same thing: it feels like home. Study here and you'll be choosing somewhere to work hard but also to create, enjoy, aspire and be yourself.