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Drawing Studios and Drawing Lab

With north-facing windows, a ‘methods and process’ area, individual studio space and a specialist life-drawing studio, our impressive, open-plan, triple-height Drawing Studio is a huge space, perfect for many different activities and specialisms.

Based in large open-plan studios with triple-height ceilings and north light windows, our Drawing Studios offer fully-equipped ‘methods and process’ area, individual studio spaces and a specialist life-drawing studio. This impressive open-plan space suits many different activities and specialisms, including drawing, painting, mixed-media work and collaborative large-scale projects.

Launched in 2020, Drawing Lab is Plymouth College of Art’s interdisciplinary space for the research and practice of drawing in all its forms. Drawing at Plymouth College of Art has a long history, originating in 1855 with the formation of the Plymouth Drawing School and it continues today with our commitment to building a centre of excellence and scholarship through drawing as a contemporary practice.

At Plymouth College of Art we understand drawing as fundamental to all creative disciplines: it is an immediate and rigorous means of presenting ideas in concrete form, demanding that we continue to use our first hand experience to perceive and respond to the world. For our students, drawing is an essential preparation for their future creative practice - a proposition for enquiry and discovery that questions the representation of visual thinking, through both physical and digital mediums.

Future Lab Shanghai 2019 2

Students take part in a drawing workshop as part of FutureLab Shanghai 2019. Plymouth College of Art was invited to showcase different ways of learning through making as part of this expo at the West Bund Art Centre in Shanghai, China.

In addition to having a newly refurbished physical studio for its activities, we believe that drawing is first and foremost a dialogue with the world: Drawing Lab will extend the critical and research dimension of drawing as contemporary creative practice through regular events, projects and research dialogues nationally and internationally with our partner institutions.

Drawing Lab is an experimental and speculative space that considers drawing as a form that can include both traditional and innovative materials and approaches, including sketching, diagramming, rubbing, frottage, rendering and mark-making, operating through new technologies such as motion capture, light exposure, algorithmic programming, interactive sound scoring and other experimental ways to render a record of presence over time.