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Our People

Oona Wagstaff

Oona Wagstaff graduated in 2016 with a first class honours degree in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking. She won the Delamore prize for her series of paintings made in response to her research into the relationship between art, technology and the nature of contemporary conflict.

Since graduating Oona has exhibited her work in Plymouth and is currently engaged in working towards a further exhibition at Delamore House in May 2017. Oona was also selected to make new works for the Signpost exhibiton at the Cube Gallery with Peninsula Arts, coming up this Summer 2017. She has also been working with local artists to secure exhibition opportunities for emerging practitioners.

Her current body of work in progress explores mental landscapes, envisioned as places of both conflict and peace and made intuitively as haptic experience, resulting from a sensuous, and thinking engagement with process and materials.

On leaving Plymouth College of Art, Oona worked with fellow colleagues to set up a Plymouth based artsits' collective, 'Rhizome', which aims to provide ongoing support and development for emerging creative practitioners in Plymouth. She has also continued in her work as a specialised Higher Education Mentor and works as a tutor at Plymouth College of Art.

To find out more or to contact her directly visit her website here.