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Our People

Coz Kilbride

Graduate Coz Kilbride has a background in street art and unique hand drawing skills which he developed from a young age. Later Coz moved into design after attending a few short courses studying Adobe software and completing a BA (Hons) Graphic Design course in 2011.

In 2013 Coz was funded by the Princes Trust to launch his own design business which he named ‘Skillmatik’. “i have been given some great opportunities including logos designing, mural work, Illustrations, pitching and business projects and selling my own artwork through various online outlets.”

In recent years Koz’s expertise in design software has advanced and he specialises in adobe prgrammes such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. However he is keen to continue hand drawn illustration work too and at times likes to combine the two.

In 2013 Coz was comissioned to creating a large Mural around the site for Plymouth's School of Creative Arts building area. He was responsible for curating the work and recruiting local artists and helpers to complete the extremely large area of hoarding boards that surrounded the site of the new school.

“I like to work across different mediums and styles as it keeps me excited learning new and fun techniques. From creating a strong brand identity to developing my own bespoke pieces of art whether commissioned or self initiated, I believe variety is key!"

Since graduating Coz Kilbride’s client base has been strongly connected to both the fashion and music industries, as well as independent and alternative business modules”

“I find working for industries with a vision that I am interested in keeps me stimulated and more passionate about the job at hand.”

Currently Coz has lived in Manchester and recently moved to Bristol to continue to build up a broader client base for his design company Skillmatik.

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