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"We don't distinguish the decision you're making about your academic future from the one you're making about your life." ANDREW BREWERTON — Principal
  • Holiday Activities (9-18yrs)

    Whether you’re a regular on our courses or brand new to our Young Arts programme, our holiday activities are an inspiring way to spend time in between terms. These courses are the perfect opportunity to develop or learn new techniques before enrolling on a longer course, or a chance to show off the skills you’ve gained already on a unique project. Our Holiday courses range from half day workshops to week long courses, so you have plenty of time to experiment with your creative ideas.

  • Saturday Arts Club (9-16yrs)

    Our Saturday Arts Clubs offer 5 to 20 weeks of fun, inspiring and challenging activity for young people aged 9 - 16 yrs. Saturday Arts Clubs are popular and book up quickly, especially among 9-11 year olds. Our courses cover the art and design spectrum broken down into projects and can be booked in 5 week 1/2 termly project blocks normally running from October to May.


    Our Young Creators Clubs 5 week courses are are for older teens. These clubs are a little more specialised, great for those who know the creative subject they are most interested in, or want to cover an area in more detail. They run from November to April/May.

    All our Saturday Arts Clubs are held at our Pre Degree Centre in Plymouth, situated on Buckwell Street between the old bus station site and the Barbican. This is another great city centre location for Plymouth College of Art, and it is extra special on a Saturday as our Young Arts programme fills the building.

  • Young Creators Club (13-16yrs)

    Young Creators Clubs are specialised courses in media, design or traditional arts areas for ages 13-16. You spend five weeks in one subject area, and you can mix and match through the year or stay in a specific subject area to develop your skills further.

  • National Art & Design Saturday Club (14-16yrs)

    National Art & Design Saturday Club is 25 weeks of fun, inspiring and challenging activity for young people aged 14-16yrs who are interested in future study and careers in the creative industries. This course is fully supported by Plymouth College of Art and offers all places for FREE, places are allocated by by application only. 2018/19 is now full

  • Taster Sessions (9-16yrs)

    These are drop-in workshop activities suitable for ages 9-16 years, and are an excellent way to find out about Young Arts and try our Saturday clubs. Younger children can take part but will need an adult to assist them. FREE Activity, part of Plymouth Art Weekender.