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Posted 07.06.17

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design 2017: Ones to watch

By Sarah Packer

Veronika Marxer, UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

Our Foundation Diploma in Art and Design is an intensive, one-year programme of discovery, experimentation and exploration – where students work across a range of processes and materials, finding their feet as an artist, designer, or maker in the process.

And the annual Degree Shows are our students’ two-week-long opportunity to show off the results of their eye-opening and unforgettable time experimenting with their practice.

This year’s show, open now until Thursday 22 June, sees another spread of high quality and equally diverse work, from Photography to Fashion, Animation to Illustration, Fine Art to Film – and more.

Below we’ve highlighted just a small selection of some of the excellent work on show – with three Foundation Diploma students to look out for. In no particular order…

Molly Erin McCarthy

'Soft Life'

Pathway: Fine Art

Predominantly inspired by the concept of abject horror, Molly’s sculptural installation, titled Soft Life, consists of a variety of soft sculpture forms either arched over or hanging from hooks, with an accompanying poem.

Describing the role of abject horror in her work, Molly said: “Defined as that which disrupts identity and systems, which does not adhere to borders or rules, the abject exists in a state of in-between where the ambiguous threatens to engulf the certain. While there are various other influences on the piece, including the butcher's shop as a place of abject, and feminism as an inherently abject movement, the intention of the work is to position the viewer to question what they see before them.”

Interested in the relationship between form and meaning, the experimental nature of the Foundation Diploma course enabled Molly to discover her affinity for 3D work.

Destination: BA (Hons) Fine Art at Plymouth College of Art


'Soft Life' by Molly Erin McCarthy, UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

Veronika Marxer

'My Beauty'

Pathway: Visual Communication

Using the medium of collage to visualise her ideas, Veronika’s work explores the feeling of beauty and is inspired by her interactions with people, objects and places.

Working with mixed medias and materials, she manipulates shapes, forms and colour to

create communicative, bold pieces through a process that is very natural to her.

Veronika said her graduate project: “I perceive beauty as a feeling. I feel beauty in the little moments. So opening myself up to everything around me has enabled me to generate ideas and expand my inspiration and work. Collage has been a great visuaIisation technique that has helped me to communicate these resulting ideas fluently.”

Destination: BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Kingston University London


'Untitled' Veronika Maxer, UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

Megan Roberts

'Personal Refuge'

Pathway: Fashion & Textiles

Sometimes we all just need a moment away from it all, a temporary refuge in order to feel safe and calm. With experiments in volume and shape in relation to the human form, Megan’s dynamic fashion and textile pieces respond to that need to feel comforted.

Megan’s final piece is based on a fear of water and busy spaces, the resulting garment was made to provide buoyancy, warmth, and a sense of isolation. By giving life to everyday materials, and drawing from her personal fears and insecurities, she created a form of shelter to provide comfort and armour to the wearer.

Megan said of her practice: “A strong love of colour and drawing has always featured heavily in my work. However, recently I have been experimenting with volume and shape, and how this can relate to the human form. Being parts English, Guyanese and Trinidadian has allowed me a very vibrant take on the world, and is something I wish to explore further in my future practice as a fashion designer.”

Destination: BA (Hons) Fashion at Plymouth College of Art


'Personal Refuge' Megan Roberts, UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

You can see the work of these three students and more at our Foundation Diploma in Art & Design Show in Studio 11, running as part of our annual Degree Shows.

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