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Posted 18.06.14

Devonport Column Merchandise Design Commission

Devonport Column Merchandise Design Commission

To celebrate the reopening of the important Plymouth landmark the Devonport Column, RIO are looking for a design for a new piece of merchandise which will be produced and sold at the Devonport Guildhall. Working with Plymouth College of Art this ‘Call for Designs’ is exclusively for PCA Students and Alumni. The winning artist/designer will receive £500 and their winning design will become part of the growing range at the Devonport Guildhall and will sit alongside their own Ale, Bag and Print by local craftspeople in the city. Please note that by entering the competition you will grant the exclusive right to use your design for merchandise sold at RIO/Devonport Guildhall.

History of the Devonport Column

Soaring 124ft above street level and visible from miles around, Devonport Column is a prominent feature on Plymouth’s skyline. Designed by John Foulston in 1824 to commemorate the founding of Devonport as an independent town, public access to the Column was restricted in the 1950s and it was finally closed in the 1990s. Now, thanks to RIO and a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Column is open for people to experience and enjoy once again – one of the three remaining monumental columns open to the public. Climbing the spiral staircase at the centre of the Column to the observation gallery offers magnificent views across the city, towards Dartmoor and out to sea. For people who don’t want to, or aren’t able to climb the 137 steps to the top, our ColumnCam – a state of the art webcam fixed to a mast on top of the Column – will soon relay views from the observation gallery to visitors on the ground. At ground level Devonport Square and the terrace offer plenty of seating to relax and take in the views, and we are also developing a wildlife nature garden.

Design Brief

We are seeking an innovative, artistic and relevant design which represents the column project. Your design must be applied to a product which may be handmade (for example glass, ceramic items) or manufactured to house your design (for example tea towel or mug). You must consider the fact that the product needs to be saleable in a gift shop setting.

There is a budget of £1,200 to produce a limited edition range of the product. Please take this into account when submitting your entry to ensure that the product can be produced and will have a suitable retail price. If successful further items may be produced for sale.

Please email your design to including your name, CV, and a link to your website/online portfolio (if you have one). Your design must be accompanied with a statement of no more than 500 words describing your inspiration for the design and explaining the production of the piece.

Once shortlisted two the selected artists will receive £200 to produce a prototype in order to test the viability of the product, after which a winning design will be selected. Adjustments to the design may be requested at this point before identifying the chosen design. 

Deadline for entries: 18th July 2014

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1. The following Terms and Conditions shall apply for the participation in a competition hosted by RIO & Plymouth College of Art to any person or company (hereinafter called "Designer"), who submit a graphic illustration or any other form of design (hereinafter called "Design"). These Terms and Conditions are valid at the time of participation.

1.2 The Designer accepts these Terms & Conditions by submitting the Design to RIO & Plymouth College of Art.

1.3 RIO shall retain title to and copyright of any content of the website, drawings and any other documents and information which are protected by intellectual property law and copyright law.

2. Participation in a Competition

2.1 The Designer submits a Design, normally by electronic means. The Designer hereby agrees that RIO & Devonport Guildhall may publish this Design on the website and may use this Design for advertising, promotional and publishing purposes and the production of goods.

2.2. RIO reserves the right to modify the Design at any time, with agreement from the Designer. This right to modify relates in particular to changes in colour or the size of the Design or individual elements of the Design.

2.3 The Designer is obliged not to submit the Design to any third party, or use the Design in the production of any other goods.

3. Preconditions for Participation

3.1 Preconditions for any participation by the Designer in a competition hosted by Plymouth College of Art & RIO are that the Designer is at least 18 years of age, that the Design is the Designer's own exclusive intellectual property and that the Designer has the exclusive copyright and the exclusive right of use of the Design without any limitations.

3.2 The Designer declares and guarantees that the Design does not infringe any trademarks, copyrights, or any other intellectual property rights by third parties by submitting the Design.

3.3 In case of an alleged copyright infringement, the Designer holds harmless and indemnifies RIO for any claims, debts and obligations towards third parties and compensates RIO for any damages and actual expenditures.

4. Right of Use

4.1 By submitting the Design, the Designer grants RIO & Devonport Guildhall the perpetual, worldwide and unlimited right to publish the Design in any other way (e.g. in promotional material). At the same time, the Designer grants RIO & Devonport Guildhall the perpetual, worldwide and unlimited right to use the Design exclusively and without any limitations for the production of goods.