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Tart Cards Exhibition

This exhibition explores the historyand graphic power of the Tart Card.

Since 2009 Caroline Archer (Reader in Typography at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design) has been inviting designers, artists, illustrators and photographers from around the world to participate in the ‘type-tartproject’ to maintain and raise the profile of the St Bride Library in London, the world’s foremost graphic arts library. The projectbrief invited designers to anthropomorphize a typeface or a letter of the alphabet and to produce a card, using the tart card genre,to promote its ‘personality’ and ‘services’.

Tart cards are the means by which London call-girls advertise their services. So perva­sive are the cards, and so striking is their design, imagery and copywriting, they are now regarded as items of ‘accidental art’ and have developed a cult following. Once on the periphery of design, the cards have influenced the work of many mainstream artists includ­ing Royal Academician Tom Philips and Sex Pistols designers, Ray and Nils Stevenson.

The ‘Type Tart Project’ is about designersbeing inspired by the genus of the tart card and applying it to a typeface. The vocabulary used to describe typefaces is very anthropo­morphic: all fonts have a ‘face’, a ‘body’, they have ‘arms’, ‘eyes’ and ‘legs’. Typefaces are given names and bestowed with characteris­tics to which we have an emotional response. By default, therefore, a typeface may have a sexual identity, and it is the eroticism or quirky sexuality inherent within a typeface that designers were asked to portray.


Exhibition opening with a public talk by curator Caroline Archer.
Studio Theatre, Weds 11 Jan, 5 – 7.30pm

Join us to celebrate the opening of theexhibition Tart Cards. Curator Caroline Archer will be giving a public talk aspart of the evening event from 6 – 7pm.Visitors are welcome to come just for aglass of wine and to view the exhibition.

Type Tart
Student Showcase
Mon 9 Jan – Fri 27 Jan

Students have produced their own ‘type tarts’ in response to a brief set by Curator, Caroline Archer. The resulting work is displayed in the centre of the gallery during the exhibition.

Vincent Connare - artist talk
Weds 18 Jan, 6 – 7pm
Studio Theatre, Plymouth College of Art

Vincent talks about working professionally in the software industry, producing font projects for corporations for over fifteen years.

Vincent Connare has been working as a font engineer and type designer for over 20 years. He was trained as a painter and photographer in New York and holds a Masters Degree in Type Design from the University of Reading.

While working at Agfa/Compugraphic from 1987 till 1993 he was a member of the Ikarus, Intellifont and TrueType font production teams. In 1993 he joined Microsoft Corpora­tion as a Typographic Engineer and workedon custom type projects for Microsoft prod­ucts. At Microsoft he designed and produced two of the most popular typefaces of the 1990’s, Comic Sans and Trebuchet.

Today, Vincent is on the staff of DaltonMaag Ltd. A London based type design agency, which specializes in corporatefont solutions, branding, and type design.At Dalton Maag, Vincent tackles technicalchallenges such as the font Viato Hebrew. He has notably designed the lettering for the Ministry of Sound logo and recently released his latest font design, Magpie OpenType.

Helvetica - screening
Weds 25 Jan, 6 – 730pm
Studio Theatre, Plymouth College of Art

FREE public screening with a specialintroduction by the lecturers of our own graphic design & illustration team.

“ Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the prolif eration of one typeface (which recently celebrated its 50th birthday in 2007) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives”.

Re Type
Weds 22 Feb – Weds 21 Mar
Re-legacy Gallery, 35 New Street, Barbican, Plymouth, PL1 2NA

An exhibition that displays a seriesof posters presenting students ownexperiments with type.

This exhibition will showcase the workof BA/FD Graphic Design students from Plymouth College of Art developed througha workshop run by Nom De Strip. Students were tasked with exploring the purpose of type and the strong reactions different type­faces can provoke. The exhibition will display a series of posters presenting students own experiments with type.

Re‑legacy is a brand new gallery offeringcontemporary, affordable art and othercreative bits and pieces from local artists.

Exhibition opening event
Weds 22 Feb, 6 – 9pm

Nom de Strip – Third Issue
March 2012

Nom de Strip - Student Design Challenge

Nom de Strip are setting BA/FD GraphicDesign students from Plymouth Collegeof Art the challenge to design artwork for a multipage article to be presented in the March issue of the newspaper. The winning design will be included in the third issue of the paper that has a 4000 distribution across the South West. The students will have to consider Nom de Strip’s creative direction as well as its brand identity. Nom de Strip are looking out for a cleverly creative layout, with careful thought having gone into each part of the design, resulting in an article that reads welland looks good.

You can pick up your free copy of thenewspaper from Plymouth College ofart from mid March 2012.

Nom de Strip has been set up to informpeople about Plymouth’s cultural landscape, with a special focus on the promotion of culture across the arts, regeneration, and creativeentrepreneurship outside of the mainstream.