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Stacey West

Stacey West graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2016 after gaining a BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing. Before studying Jewellery, Stacey focused her creativity primarily around Fine Art, which encouraged conceptual approaches to her design ideas. Since graduating Stacey has set up as a freelance Jeweller with a studio in Cornwall, and has exhibited her work in many Craft Fairs, exhibitions and galleries including Handmade in Britian, MADE London and Bovey Tracey Craft Fair. 

"I have always held a strong interest in the process of creating something beautiful from raw material. I explore the qualities and properties of material and combine them with traditional jewellery silversmithing techniques and precious metal to create collections of luxury abstract contemporary jewellery designs.
Before becoming a jeweller, I primarily focused my creativity around fine art which has encouraged me to take a conceptual approach to new design ideas. Designing and crafting jewellery means I can apply specific techniques to the creative process to construct wearable art.
Living in an area of outstanding natural beauty it is easy to be inspired by the organic shapes, textures and forms that make up the environment. My jewellery explores what the natural environment offers as well as being directly influenced by its artistry and charm.
My latest collection of work encourages the wearer to interact with movable interlocking textured elements that resemble the natural stratified lines and colours found in the geology of the north Cornwall coastline and celebrates the contrasts between texture and line, organic and geometric and translucency and opaque".