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Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts completed her BA (hons) Ceramics in 2015 and is currently running her own studio in Plymouth.

Rebecca undertook her degree specialising in ceramics, an art form she loves, after setting up on her own for a few years and then returning to education.  Talking about her time at Plymouth College of Art, Rebecca says ‘the course was great and what I needed’.  The course offered her a space to create, as well as follow her instincts and ideas; “I felt stretched and challenged’.  

Since leaving the college in 2015, Rebecca has undertaken a number  of new ventures including a residency at The Creative Art School in Plymouth where she had the opportunity to undertake some teaching, as well as working as a Technician here at Plymouth College of Art.  

Since finishing her degree, Rebecca has spent time looking at how clay reacts under differing conditions, working with warping and cracking, the kind of work she feels some ceramicists would shy away from.  Rebecca’s work is inspired by her love of the sea, so it is fitting that her new studio is based at Ocean Studios in Plymouth where she has been supported by RIO (a Plymouth based Social Enterprise).

Rebecca’s desire is to create a workshop space that is inclusive, open to artists and the wider community.  She has begun to offer ceramic workshops from within her studio as well as offering hire of the table and kiln space, encouraging others to share her passion for clay. Longer term Rebecca plans to offer courses that are open to the public and raise the profile of the facility to ensure it is sustainable.