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Harley Price-Davis

Harley Price-Davis completed her BA (hons) Illustration in 2017 and has successfully enrolled on a PGCE for secondary education Art and Design.  

“I am so excited and I can't wait to share the skills and experiences I gained at the college with my future students.”

‘My time at Plymouth College of Art was amazing. I learnt so much about my practice and how to develop my style, as well as applying it to many areas of illustration such as Packaging Design, Branding and Decorative Illustration. I now feel my practice is at a professional level and I am fully prepared to be a freelance illustrator.'

Harley takes her inspiration from nature and the world around her and puts this into practice by replicating the organic shapes and patterns she sees in her watercolour illustrations. She also loves to discover new artists and their techniques and apply these to her practice too.

Harley has been working with the Devon Wildlife Trust to put on the 'Prey and Predators of Greater Horseshoe Bats’ exhibition, which will display her detailed and unique watercolour illustrations.

As well as undertaking commissions, Harley continues to work on a range of freelance illustration projects including designing wedding invitations.  ‘I will be carrying on my freelance illustration as this is something I am so passionate about.’

Alongside this, her future projects will see her working with art publisher and retailer Athena, making watercolour prints for their stores.

To see more of Harley’s work, follow her on Instagram @harleypdillustration.