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Students’ Union

Plymouth College of Art Students' Union (PCA:SU) aims to represent, campaign and provide services for you in every aspect of your college life, from academic and social, to welfare and personal support. 

The Union provides constructive and effective representation, high-quality services and exciting opportunities to enrich your student experience including art-related events and networking opportunities.

PCA:SU runs a number of clubs and societies that students can join, meet like-minded people, organise events and talks and more. The SU also organises events and trips for students to attend and annually elects a student body to represent students.

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What PCA:SU offer

Clubs and Societies

PCA:SU has a number of clubs and societies for students and also aims to involve as many students as possible within these clubs and societies. We have 16 societies and clubs that you can join they are: Netball Club, Film Club, Christians in Art and Design Society, LGBT Society, Marvel Club, Football Club, Games Club, Cosplay, Sailing Club, Paranormal Society, Surfing Society and Skate Club and GEMS Society.

If you would like to set up your own club or society please visit us in person or get in touch on or email our SU President Rowena Murphy at

Social space

The new social space at Plymouth College of Art has been created in response to the voice of the student body. During the day it’s a shared space for students and staff to socialise, grab a coffee and a bite to eat or even a space to do some work outside of studio hours. Come the evening the Students Union have control of this space and will host evening events using the new bar!

The space is available for students to book out and host their own events for fundraising, meet-ups or societies. It is also an area for students to display their work, this can be anything from ceramics to showreels. This is a space that our students can call their own and have creative control over.

Events and Trips

Being a part of specialist clubs and societies are an important part of student life.  From Surfing and Football to Design and Film, the societies are open to everyone and give you the chance to make friends, volunteer, learn something new and keep fit.

Committee and Elected Student Body

All positions for our Students' Union are voluntary posts, except for our Student President role. Elections happen once a year at the end of October and offer you a fantastic opportunity to really make a difference; here at PCA:SU the elections give any student the chance to become part of the Executive Committee of Officers. 

Both the college and the Students' Union place great value on the work of Union Officers as well as Course Representatives in enhancing your College experience and upholding a number of quality standards.

NUS Extra Cards

What is an NUS Card?

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Where can I get my NUS Card? 

Buy yours online on the NUS website.

PCA:SU contact details

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Plymouth College of Art
Tavistock Place
Telephone: +441752 203443