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DisAbility Support and Reasonable Adjustments

We are fully committed to providing equal opportunities to all, and the Student Support Team work alongside Lecturers to support students.

Plymouth College of Art is an inclusive environment where the individual is celebrated. Please discuss your needs with us as early as possible to ensure that we can put appropriate and timely support in place. You can be reassured that any details you disclose will only be shared with relevant staff in order to enhance your learning experience at the college.

All staff in the college aim to reduce barriers to learning for all students through an inclusive neurodiversity approach. We work with the individual student, and will make a wide range of reasonable adjustments that may include the following:

  • Recording of lectures/tutorials/technical demonstrations
  • Flexible assessment methods
  • Access to one to one and group study skills support through the Learning Lab
  • Access to resources in adaptable and varied formats
  • Advice and support for accessing practical sessions
  • General Welfare, Counselling and Holistic Health Support
  • Additional Tutorials for students who need extra time to understand learning content and assignment briefs
  • Lecture materials in advance via Google Classroom
  • Support with timetabling - especially where there are changes
  • Flexibility in attendance and punctuality for students with medical needs 
  • Students can access disAbility welfare advisors directly if students are experiencing challenges 
  • Quiet room to relax/rest 
  • Access to PowerPoint slides in advance of the lecture so they can be imported into software
  • Sufficient time with library resources to accommodate reading needs and make use of assistive technologies
  • Support for students who find group work challenging
  • Learning materials/assignment briefs in accessible language
  • Extra time immediately after studio/group sessions with academic staff to check understanding
  • Flexible process in place for students with medical needs to receive additional time to meet deadlines for formative and summative assessments.
  • Constant and consistent messages regarding behaviour
  • Library has a wide range of audiobooks and spoken word texts to help process information
  • Specialist support via the Learning Lab for Academic Study issues which may include; time management; understanding briefs and assignments; language support; creative writing skills, motivation
  • Considerate timetabling and fair warning of changes in timetables and venues

The above are just examples of standardised reasonable adjustments. 

If you have specific medical needs please contact Student Support so we can discuss how we can support you, by calling +44 (0)1752 203423 or emailing

Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)

Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) can help support you with your learning and to cover extra costs you have because of a disability such as a mental health problem, a learning difficulty, or a long term illness. The DSAs process is summarised by:

  • Application;
  • submit medical evidence;
  • attend a needs assessment;
  • the award of DSA support.

There are three main elements to DSA:

  • Assistive Technology
  • Non-Medical Help
  • General Allowance

For further information and guidance on how to apply please click on this link:

The college works closely with Amano Student Support as its primary provider of DSAs non-medical help along with other companies.



Amano Student Support: (email or call +44 (0)1822 600060)

Email contact details for DSA:

If you are an international student, further information is available on our International pages.

Phone: 0300 100 0607

Text Phone: 0300 100 0622

Learning Support for Pre-Degree Courses

Students with an EHC Plan (Education Health and Care Plan) will receive a support package tailored to their individual needs. They will be contacted well in advance of enrolment by the Pre-Degree Learning Support Coordinator, who will work with them to ensure support is in place prior to the start of their course.   

All students can also access health, wellbeing and counselling services.  

For more information on support available, please contact the Pre-Degree Learning Support Co-Ordinator, Simon Grimbley.

Telephone: +44 (0)1752 2034344 Ext: 211