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Tate Exchange

Plymouth College of Art is a founding associate of Tate Exchange, an annual programme that brings together international artists, over 60 different organisations working both within and beyond the arts, and the general public.
Tate Exchange aims to explore the ways in which art has become active over the last 60 years, and how artists have changed our understanding of what art can be and what it can do.

Tate Exchange 2016-2017: Exchange

In the opening 2016-2017 season of Tate Exchange, the theme itself was “exchange”, and was shaped with the help of artist Tim Etchells. For this season, Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth School of Creative Arts collaborated to extend a public invitation to explore creative learning over three days of Making Learning events at Tate Modern. Students of all ages explored new horizons in the intergenerational and interdisciplinary Making Learning: Pop-Up School.

Over the course of three days, participants of the pop-up school at Tate Exchange contributed to a shared understanding of how learning is made, asking questions such as: What will you make of this? What is Tate Modern as a place of learning? And what’s your role from now on in making learning?

Alongside the events at Tate Modern, a programme of simultaneous events took place at Plymouth College of Art and The Red House, home to Plymouth School of Creative Arts, all feeding into the dialogue taking place in the Making Learning: Symposium, and influencing the development of a series of events across Plymouth.

The Making Learning: Pop-Up School and Symposium was a partnership between Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth School of Creative Arts. Collectively, the college and school offer a progressive continuum of creative learning and practice from age three to Masters level in the South West of England.


Tate Exchange 2017-2018: Production

The second season of Tate Exchange launched in late September 2017, exploring the theme of “production”, with artist Clare Twomey transforming Tate Exchange into a working factory.

For the 2017 - 2018 season of Tate Exchange, Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth School of Creative Arts will set out to challenge the prevailing idea that learning is a linear process, an idea that is commonly found in instrumentalised models of education. Our participatory installation in the Tate Exchange space, by contrast, will model a non-linear experience of learning as creativity, including proposals from students across the Plymouth progressive continuum of creative education.

Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth School of Creative Arts will explore the idea that education is not a one-way process of accumulating knowledge and skills, but an interplay of learning and unlearning.

Referencing the idea that education is a preparation for work, the installation will subvert the idea by playfully modelling journeys through different learning experiences. Open to all ages and abilities, it will invite participants to consider the possibility that education is not a one-way process of accumulating knowledge and skills, but involves the interplay of learning and unlearning, where the frameworks of our experience are challenged and renegotiated.

The installation will explore the concept of production, education as production, unmaking as making and life as a nonlinear process, referencing the unique pedagogy of our creative learning continuum.

The Plymouth continuum is the very antithesis of a linear production line designed to create mass-produced consumers; the methodology applied across the continuum supports the development of individuals, creates unique learning journeys for all and encourages learning, life and community to mesh.