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Making Learning

Plymouth School of Creative Arts student joins the discussion at our Making Learning symposium at Tate Exchange in 2017.

Making Learning is a crucible for open inquiry through arts education, that places making at the gravitational centre of learning. Creative learning and social justice are the double helix of our DNA.

Making Learning is performative, exploring the permeable structures and transformational agency of creative learning, across a range of educational paradigms, societal and cultural contexts.

Making Learning establishes a propositional dialogue that questions learning orthodoxies from the inside out. Making Learning is oriented towards new developments in arts and pedagogy, especially those that examine new ways in which individuals, groups and institutions might understand their agency.

Making Learning seeks to challenge implicit hierarchies of artistic engagement and linearity, using the processes of learning and unlearning to look afresh at the economic, political and ideological implications of ‘creativity’. At stake, are the kinds of 'making' - conscious individual and collective self-fashioning - that are required in a complex and unstable world.

Dialogues on creative learning
Listening is a core value for Making Learning. The Dialogues on creative learning project will make opportunities for diverse perspectives on creativity and education to be heard and considered alongside one another. In this way, Making Learning will
record and instigate dialogue on creative education.

Societal and cultural agency
Creativity and education are both terms that suggest purposeful, transformative change. Making Learning seeks to understand new ways that individuals, groups and institutions can develop purposeful agency through creativity, in a complex and unstable world.

Learning and un-learning / Making and Un-making
Learning within the creative arts is never a straightforward accumulation of knowledge. Although new skills and perspectives are acquired, they often arrive by way of unlearning. The most difficult and profound developments are part of the unmaking of a way of seeing, doing or thinking. Making Learning explores the implications of this non-linear learning process within and beyond the creative arts.

Renowned printmaker Ciara Phillips clocks into 'Factory Settings', our making learning production line at Tate Exchange 2018.

Making Learning is a discursive, multimodal platform for dialogue, able to be convened as a conversation or as an international symposium, across territories and boundaries, in itself a state of permanent conference.
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Making Learning is a biennial symposium convening an international community of expertise and practice in creative pedagogy throughout the full continuum of learning, from early years education to Masters level, research and professional development.

Making Learning is a big cross-disciplinary conversation assembling the most progressive thinkers and practitioners in creative education across the full learning continuum. As Ai Weiwei put it: ‘creativity is part of human nature, it can only be untaught.’