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Our People

Rosie Drake-Knight

Designer / Maker & Creative Project Manager

Rosie Drake-Knight completed her Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Plymouth College of Art in 2010. From there she went to Falmouth University and graduated in 2013, with a BA(Hons) Textile Design degree.

After graduating, Rosie received the Pre-Incubation Award, to finance a year of freelance work in the South West; this enabled her to build her own leather accessories brand.

“This scheme provided me with the opportunity to produce a commission for the University. I delivered guest lectures about business start-ups, and insight on what it’s like to be a young person entering the industry.”

In 2014 Rosie set up a Makers community, ‘Native Makers’. NM is a platform form for emerging Designer/Makers in the South West.

"I am currently in the midst of organising our sixth event, set to be the biggest yet. The interest in Native Makers has developed exponentially and it has grown into an incredibly fulfilling project.”

“The event is inspiring and leaves me with a feeling of great creative strength. Studying at Plymouth College of Art helped me to realise what path was the right for my degree choice. My time at the College was a storm of creativity. I look back at my foundation year with a smile, remembering the freedom to just make.”

Moving forward Rosie is hoping to develop a manufacturing programme within her brand.

“I miss the buzz of working amongst fellow creatives. Freelancing can sometimes be lonely and juggling so many different projects can be a strain at times. My next goal is to streamline my production processes for each project."

Alongside her freelancing, Rosie is also enjoying her co-ordination role within the Development team at Plymouth College of Art.

“Encouraging creative engagement through accessible workshops and short courses is why I enjoy my job so much; I look forward to my future in this role.”

Visit Rosie’s website to see her work: www.rosiedrake-knight.com

Native Makers www.nativemakers.bigcartel.com

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