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Our People

Oliver Teagle

Technical Demonstrator

With over 14 years of experience working in art education, Oliver has amassed a wide breadth of knowledge across a broad range of creative disciplines. In his current role, he delivers practical demonstrations of specialist painting and drawing processes and provides technical support to students across all programmes at Plymouth College of Art.

Oliver’s practice examines the physical process of painting, focusing on the application and materiality of the artwork. He explores the idea of the painting as an evolving visual dialogue, with the interaction between artist and viewer determining what is revealed and what is left concealed within the work.

Exhibiting extensively throughout the UK, Oliver was awarded the Wessex Artist Award 2017 at the RWA for his laser engraved paintings which were created using the resources in Fab Lab Plymouth at Plymouth College of Art.

In 2013, he developed a series of photographic prints from handmade negatives and traditional photographic processes which resulted in him winning the Evolver Arts Prize at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery.