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Our People

Lucy Sutcliffe

Lucy Sutcliffe completed her BA (Hons) in Film Arts in 2014. While studying at the college, Lucy won the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award for her work in the start-up company Tertiam Media. During her time at PCA, Lucy worked on several promotional videos for various different companies. This helped spark an interest in working as a freelance video producer once she had graduated.

Since graduation, Lucy moved out to Phoenix, Arizona, and has set herself up as a freelance video producer and editor, working for the likes of Rice University and STEMcoach. She is also starting up her own company to film weddings, short promotional videos, and other corporate events.

"Being at Plymouth College of Art benefitted me greatly, as it gave me the confidence I needed. While at the College, I had full access to a wide variety of video equipment and programmes, meaning that when I graduated, I was completely up to speed with the latest technologies I needed to move forward in my career."

To find out more about Lucy's work visit her website: www.lucysutcliffe.com