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Our People

Jordan Wray

Jordan Wray graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2014 with a BA (Hons) in Illustration. Since graduating Jordan landed a job with Tigerprint who employ a range of Designers and Illustrators.

“I've been working at Tigerprint for just over a year. I started as an intern and am now taken on as a permanent member of staff. I work in the humour team as an Illustrator creating new trends and Styles to go into cards, gifts and stationary. My Illustrated items all to end up going into M&S stores and are sold to their customers.”

Jordan enjoys working with other creative people at Tigerprint and finds that people have lots of forward thinking ideas for Illustrations and Designs. As well as working for Tigerprint, Jordan also works for a book publishers called Dynamo.

“I have also a freelance position with a book publisher called Dynamo who create children's books for Sainsbury and I have just finished a series of board books for infants, ready to go into Sainsbury’s early next year.

Recently Jordan has just started renting out his own studio space so that in his spare time he can create ceramics. This is tied into his illustration work as he builds in 3D elements.

“I'm just sorting out distributing them into businesses and high street stores. I'm currently putting into place my first ceramic collection.”

Jordan enjoy varying his creative work and also explores combining different mediums. The content of his work usually has a narrative.

“I would describe my work as two different things. The work I produce for Tigerprint and Hallmark is fun, bold and quirky along with my children's books. My ceramics work is quite elegant and abstract, still illustrative but more mark making and shaped animals.”

Adapting to different consumers is becoming second nature for Jordan, as he works on a number of different projects.

To view Jordan’s illustrations go to: www.artsthread.com/profile/jordanwray