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Our People

Andy Cluer

Andy Cluer graduated from Plymouth College of Art in 2015 with a BA (Hons) Fine Art. Andy is a practicing contemporary artist who works with multidisciplinary mediums, challenging the notion of collage. His interests surrounds failed architectural structures and use of space.

Andy’s work explores failed architect builds and projects, focusing on a utopian quality or ideal. Since graduating Andy has secured two fantastic residencies in the South West. One residency is at Karst in Plymouth for 4 days per week where he is working towards an exhibition which will take place in 2016. The other residency is at Spike Island in Bristol for two days per week. At Spike Island Andy is working on his own practice but sharing a studio with three graduates from other universities.

“It’s been great to experience two different residencies. Karst and Spike Island are very different organisations so it’s interesting to witness the different creative activities happening at each organistation. At Karst I'm working alongside a graduate from Plymouth University and at Spike Island I am working alongside graduates from three different South West based universities. It's been beneficial to see how other graduates are working and devloping their practice."

Visit Andy's online profile here: www.andycluer.info/about