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Making a Complaint

The purpose of our Complaints Procedures is to set out clearly the process for making a complaint for any student of the College and for any person who otherwise comes into contact with the College and who is dissatisfied with any aspect of their experience. 

This therefore applies to:

  • All students on higher education programmes (Undergraduate/Postgraduate) at the College.
  • Pre-degree students (A-level, Extended Diplomas, Foundation Diploma and related GCSE courses).
  • Adults and young people enrolled on evening short courses or Young Arts Clubs.
  • Parents or guardians of students studying at the College who are under 18 years of age.

These procedures are not applicable to students or members of staff who have a grievance against another individual such as a student or staff member. In these cases other policies and procedures will apply such as Staff Grievance Procedures, the College Bullying and Harassment policy, or Dignity at Study Policy.

Other users of College services or members of the public affected directly by College services or staff/students should refer to the document 'Complaints by Members of the Public'.