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Posted 28.07.17

We talk internships, a fear of clowns & summer plans with Gwenny Von Quint

By Lauren Taverner Brown

Expressionist body distortion concept work by Gwenny Von Quint, second year BA (Hons) Fashion

We caught up with BA (Hons) Fashion second year student Gwenny Von Quint to chat about the importance of internships, how she combines fashion and art and her plans for the Summer...

In December last year, I had the opportunity to intern in the design department of Armondi UK Ltd, an apparel and fashion company based in London. My duties as a week-long design intern involved organising the fabric store room, packaging patterns and sample garments to be sent for production, writing up the specification and costing sheets for each garment and designing hand drawn technical flats.

During my internship, I also had the chance to sit in meetings with suppliers and clients as well as aiding the team with decision making, regarding garments being made for high profile UK brands including Miss Selfridge and Matalan.

"My biggest piece of advice to all students of creative courses is: INTERN, INTERN, INTERN! It helps determine what path you want to take after graduation."

The internship truly helped me get a taste of what the duties and responsibilities of a fashion professional are in the industry. It’s extremely fast paced, the pressure is high and each day is utterly unpredictable. Spending time in this professional environment helped me to develop my skills and build my confidence and professionalism.

Expressionist illustrations by Gwenny Von Quint

My biggest piece of advice to all students of creative courses is INTERN, INTERN, INTERN! It helps determine what path you want to take after graduation. Internships help you discover the parts of the industry you do not want to work in, but also help you find what you love to do, and what you can excel in.

I spend a lot of time applying and sending CVs to multiple companies within the fashion and art industry. Persistence is key. Most of the time you either get rejected or don’t even get a reply, but it's worth doing as I have had several intern opportunities through this.

This Summer, I will be interning with two London based fashion brands; House of Harlot and Typical Freaks. I am looking forward to pattern cutting, making pieces, learning new techniques - for example, latex garment construction, and getting involved in designing with the teams behind the brands.

Netti Tracksuit by Gwenny Von Quint

Alongside my internships, this Summer I’ll also be working on my dissertation, and creating a film exploring the phobia and philias related to clowns and the fashion associated with them, looking at how they are fetishised but how people are also scared of them.

After my recent internship in combination with the last two years as a fashion student, I have come to the conclusion that I am interested in furthering my studies within the arts. I am hoping to go on to do postgraduate study in Fine Art.

I want to continue to expand my knowledge and understanding of the arts and am really interested in exploring a combination of fashion and performance. Although I don’t know what the future holds, I know that I still have more to learn, to continue to develop my practice.

Gwenny Von Quint on the catwalk in her own designs as part of the college's 2017 Graduate Fashion Show

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