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Posted 30.10.15

Graphic Design grad James Usill exhibits in Poland

By Sarah Packer

Graphic Design grad James Usill showcases his work in Glitch Art exhibition in Poland.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate James Usill is exhibiting his work at the ‘Glitch Art is Dead’ exhibition in Kraków, Poland.

Taking place from 19 September – 31 October at Teatr Barakah in Kraków, Poland, James’ work is part of a group exhibition exploring the work of glitch artists from around the world.

Showing a selection of eight pieces from his Digital Expressionism series, it marks the first official exhibition for the Glitch Artists Collective, who have a global community of over 25,000 members.

From James' 'Digital Expressionism' series, exhibiting at Teatr Barakah, Poland.

Aleksandra Pieńkosz, co-curator of ‘Glitch Art is Dead’ explained, "The intention was basically to show the variety and vitality of glitch art, so the title is subversive. Glitch was somehow taken for granted in Poland - some said it was dead and at the same time we observed the flood of glitch apps and people using them as filters for their selfies.

Our long-term aim was to kind of bring glitch back into the arts scene in Poland, to make a space where it can be perceived and contemplated as art, rather than just being a tumblr or facebook performance or pop-culture phenomenon. That's why it was a classic art exhibition, but it also had a lot of ‘hypertext’ in it, like brochures with artist websites, qr codes etc.”

“It's a real honour to be shown alongside some of the most important and stimulating artists working in this style." — James Usill, BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate.

The exhibition has been featured in The Creators Project, the arts & technology side of Vice, a platform that features the works of visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology to push the boundaries of creative expression.

“It's a real honour to be shown alongside some of the most important and stimulating artists working in this style. I agree with what the exhibition proposes, I see glitch art as having come close to reaching it's peak in popularity and mainstream appeal, and I'm amazed my work has been selected to represent this inspiring community and movement,” said James.

James has been busy since graduating, not only with exhibiting his work but also working with design agencies. Last year, James secured an internship with Stylorouge – one of the leading design agencies in the music industry – he returned again this year for six weeks to work with the company, “I obviously can't talk a lot about things which are still in progress, but I worked on some projects involving some really big names in the music industry.

'War Games' part of a collaborative project between James Usill and Maria Soromenho.

“Including logo concepts, stylebooks, website content management, research and artworking. It was fantastic and inspiring to once again have the opportunity to work with such a productive and creative company in the exact area I'd like to work in the future.”

James is currently working on a series of mixed media collaborative artworks with fashion designer Maria Soromenho and is continuing to explore collaboration as part of his personal practice, having worked with Elle Litobarski and James Sergeant on multiple mixed media artworks.

See more of James’ work here.