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In line with UK Government guidance, we have suspended all face-to-face teaching and the campus will be closed from Friday 20 March until further notice. Please continue to check your college email for regular updates.


Visiting Artists

Avant-garde fashion house Boudicca open their exhibition in The Gallery, 2014.

Since 2011 The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art has been running a free, events programme which is open to all students, staff and the wider public.

Events include artist/curator talks, performances, screenings, and workshops and tend to take place in association with exhibitions, usually on Friday afternoons at the college. Previously to this, the Exhibitions team ran an internal visiting artist talks programme for students and staff.

Below is a list of the fantastic artists and curators who have delivered a talk, run a workshop or presented a performance at the college.


Katie Schwab 

Owen Hatherley

Viridian - performance

Laura Phillips 

Headluv + Passman / Splash Addict / Zetan Spore / Lobsta B / MC Teabag - gig

Simon Bayliss 


Melissa Blanchflower (Serpentine)

Suki Dhanda 


Peter Liversidge

Matt Stokes 

2016 - 2017

Noam Toran

Stuart Robinson in conversation with Rachel Dobbs

Patrick Lowry

Tim Steer in conversation with Oliver Sutherland

David Toop

LUX (Nicole Yip)

Claire Hooper

Megan Broadmeadow

Kaz Rahman

2015 – 2016

Craft Season / Design Season / Sculpture Season 

Leo Fitzmaurice

Sean Edwards

Emma Neuberg

Kit Miles

Paul Simmons - Timorous Beasties

Mini Moderns


Ian McIntyre 

Silo Studio 

Geoffrey Mann 

Dail Behennah 

Dauvit Alexander

Viktoria Münzker

2014 – 2015

Walk On season / South West Showcase Season / LIVE MAKE Season 

Hamish Fulton 

Tracy Hanna 

Claire Feeley Producer at Situations

Chris Dobrowolski


Artists access to empty buildings Presentations & discussion, with Bristol Biennial, Stroud Valley Arts and Visual Arts South West

Paula Orrell – The River Tamar Film Festival

Sam Thorne

Simon Morrissey 

Abigail Reynolds

2013 – 2014

Craft Season / Drawing  Season/ Boudicca 

Albert Irvin with Barry Phipps 

Gareth Neal 

Oliver Ruuger 

Crafts Council England 

Tracy Kendall 

Marie Von Heyl

Karolina Glusiec 

George Mogg with Simon Fin, Jayne Wilton and Ruth Simons 


Mohsin Sajid

Jane Harris

2012 – 2013

Photography season / South West Showcase Season/ Painting Season 

Martin Parr

Liz Wells

Chris Appleby 

Hannah James with Isobel Harbison

Represented by Chert, Berlin

Bristol Diving School

Gavin Wade

Abigail Reynolds with Martin Clark

The Marmite Prize for Painting curators 

Tim Stoner 

2011 – 2012

The British Art Show 7/ Design Season/ Sinopticon 

Brian Griffiths 

Phoebe Unwin 

Jonny Hannah


Vincent Connare

Rod Hunt

Laura White

Eliza Gluckman


2006 - 2010 


Max Fraser

Amy Houghton

Jemma Egan

Material Actions Seminar 
Jonnet Middleton -
Emma Neuberg -
Lucy Brown -
Charlotte Squire

Jennifer Ambrose / Enamore

Sam Moore

Barry sykes

Rhys Coren

John Hall

Ellie Harrison

Stephen Knowles

Rosemary Horn

Simon and Simon Games

Lucy Orta

Peter Parkinson

DIY Symposium – , ‘The underdogs: Art/ists in unusual places’ at PCAD on Fri 25th & Sat 26th January 2008:
HAL (Hull Arts Lab)
Plan 9 – Bristol
one.c – South Brent
Marolijn Dijkman – Rotterdam, NL
PL:ay – Plymouth 
Cube – Bristol
Graft – Nottingham
Diskurs – Giessen, German

Jerome Harrington

Tavs Jørgensen

Craig Fisher

Ellie Harrison

Mary Hurrell

Rachel Cornish

Lone Twin

Charlie Murphy

Its Nice That (Will Hudson)

Simon Williams

Christopher Bond

Ian MacDonald

Reckless Sleepers

Dean Chapman

Alison Willoughby

Cast Off

Janet Stoyel

Colin Reid


Chila Burman

Gil Nicol

Mark Simon Hewis

Anna Best -

Justin Quinnell

Diana East

Richard DeDomenici

Ryan Gander

Plan B

Justin Marshall

David Buurma

Katrijn Verstegen

Jerome Fletcher

Tabatha Andrews

Tim Knowles

Mark Miodownik

Robin van ‘t Harr


Irvine Peacock

Keith Harrison

Hethanin Petal

Justin Coomes

Peter Peake

Anthony Frost

Peter Randall-Page

Takeshi Yasuda­