Young Arts 13 16 years 1

Young Creators Arts Club | 13 - 16 years

Saturday 25 Sep, 10:30am1:30pm
Saturday 25 Sep, 10:30am1:30pm
Pre-Degree Campus
Palace Court Buckwell Street Plymouth Devon PL1 2DA

Plymouth College of Art’s Young Arts programme was established in 1988. Young Arts features the colleges’ renowned Saturday Arts Clubs and for over 30 years has worked to bridge the gap in arts provision for young people created by increasingly limited access to creative activity in schools.

Young Creators Clubs are 5 or 10 week long Saturday courses for teenagers (13 - 16 years) in art, media or fashion based subjects. On this particular course participants will explore art and design techniques with specialist tutors, creating artwork using various drawing and printing mediums, and hand building ceramic objects. They will also have a gallery trip, plus a session making a group artwork.

Saturdays (during term time), 25 Sept - 11 Dec 2021, 11:30am-1:30pm

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