Students have access to our dedicated Film Studios and equipment

BA (Hons) Digital Media Production

Course Duration

3 years; full-time


Course: W690
Institution: P65

Looking to start your studies in 2020? It’s not too late! Apply by 30 October 2020 to begin your BA (Hons) degree on 2 November.

Our BA (Hons) Digital Media Production degree is a dynamic, outward-facing programme engaging in a range of moving image and audio production – provoking new and cutting-edge digital content.

Music videos, commercials, vlogs, scripted programmes, films and more are all supported through our extensive range of production facilities, including a Black Magic portable TV studio which allows you to explore live events and streaming.

UK film, TV and online media makers are recognised around the world for their craft, originality and creativity. This programme primes a new generation of digital media creatives to meet the growing need for innovative moving-image content.

You’ll cover everything from storytelling and idea generation to production techniques, including camera, sound, light and post-production. Our diverse and practical approach will prepare you to carve out a successful and sustainable career in an internationally growing industry, where a smartphone alone can enable your ideas to reach a global audience.

Media alumnus Michael Greenwood now leads CG at The Mill, working with commercial clients such as CG Coca Cola and Honda.

Working across a wide range of communication media, you will be involved in professional briefs and independent projects, supported by taught sessions, practical workshops and seminars from our team and from a great range of external moving image professionals.

We encourage experimentation, risk-taking and innovative responses to emerging problems. You’ll be part of a collaborative community focusing design and making skills – including graphics, 3D, sound and performance – into your moving image productions.

You will regularly work across departments in this unique independent art college environment. You will also develop professional skills such as branding, marketing and entrepreneurship, gaining skills in pitching ideas to companies and commissioners for a variety of media formats.

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This unique degree will equip you with the creative skills and practical training necessary to create innovative, multi-platform content suitable for use in everything from advertising and television broadcasting to feature film or even transmedia projects – growing you into a multi-skilled media maker.

This programme is rooted in the belief that hands-on learning is the most effective way to acquire skills and gain insights. Through practical assignments from the outset, you’ll become a highly versatile and innovative media creative, equipped to work in a wide range of production contexts.

You’ll develop a portfolio of creative and technical skills – from cinematography and writing for a wide range of applications and audiences, to directing, designing, researching and producing – enabling you to take on external projects, work placements and live briefs.

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  • Make compelling audiovisual content for creative professional assignments.
  • Build an innovative portfolio/showreel to enter into the industry.
  • Develop new ideas and productions using digital media.
  • Expand your audiovisual creativity.
  • Prepare yourself to work across the media industries.
  • Communicate as a producer, director or designer.
  • Focus on creative film, new television and commercial media.
  • Nurture interdisciplinary practice.
  • Develop an international context for your professional creative practice.
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