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  • Studio Access

    Studio Access at Plymouth College of Art provides alumni and experienced practitioners with bookable access to our specialist facilities. Sessions are supervised by a technician who will be on hand to sell selected materials and provide technical advice.

    Studio Access sessions have no taught component. Should you require tuition, or a refresher in techniques, please enrol on one of our Short Courses.

    Studio Access provides you with the flexibility to access facilities only when you need them. You might be working on a commission, producing samples or simply need to fire some work. Providing you have completed a studio or process induction in the past year, you are free to book onto one of our Studio Access slots.

    Studios Available
    Studio Access has bookable slots for limited numbers in Ceramics, Glass, Printmaking, Printed Textiles and Jewellery. In time, we aim to expand our offer to include media facilities and fashion studios, as well as being able to increase the number of places available for each bookable slot.