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UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Practice: Graphics, Illustration & Game Arts

Course Duration

2 years; full-time

Find out about life at our independent art school from the people who know us best — our real staff and students.

Speak to someone today and gain personal insight into our creative community. From finding accommodation and student finance to course content and employability, our approachable student ambassadors are available to answer your questions on live chat.

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Atlanta Hanes

“I did a switch to the Extended Diploma so that I could concentrate on one thing. I’m interested in graphic design partly because, in a way, you can include every other art subject in it, and I quite like the fact that there’s always a brief or a pathway to follow. It’s quite nice always to have that bit of direction. The teaching’s really good. They’re designers as well, so no-one ever says, ‘that’s no good’. They’ll say, why not try that, or, maybe you should change that around. Everything’s done in a lot more detail with the Diploma. This year it’s more like this is real graphic design. I’m learning real techniques.”

Cameron Williamson

"I started doing sixth form but dropped out, unsure of what I wanted to study. I spent a couple of years unemployed, but I’d carried on drawing so decided to study Illustration. I’m going on to study BA (Hons) Illustration here. It’s about what you bring to it. I was always worried that I might fail after dropping out of school but I relaxed in the first week of being here."

Gregory Trewartha-Jones

“I really like the individuality of the course and that you’re given the freedom to work independently. You learn about a variety of different subjects in a relaxed environment – and there’s great resources available too.”