Film Still from Elements of the Frame by Joe Winstone

BA (Hons) Film & Screen Arts

Course Duration

3 years; full-time


Course: W692
Institution: P65

Looking to start your studies in 2020? It’s not too late! Apply by 30 October 2020 to begin your BA (Hons) degree on 2 November.

BA (Hons) Film & Screen Arts is a practice-based film programme that encourages the development of contemporary filmmaking, exploring the craft and aesthetics of the moving image through a broad range of approaches and applied techniques within a global and cultural context.

By studying both collaborative and independent approaches, students have the opportunity to create narrative, documentary, and experimental forms of art as well as screen-based installations, video art and other emerging film formats using new technologies.

BA (Hons) Film & Screen Arts provides opportunities to conceptualise and make film media from idea to display, and students are free to develop a wide range of projects beyond traditional film including screen-based installations, site-specific cinema and/or video art.

Led by a team of practising artists, filmmakers, media designers, and cultural scholars, all aspects of student learning are underpinned by a rigorous critical and cultural understanding of the medium in its many contemporary forms.

Specialist techniques explored through the course include cinematography, production design, scriptwriting, screen direction, sound production, set-building, lighting design, editing, visual effects, internet film and video, social media production and experimental image-making.

Hands-on, technical skill is facilitated by student access to a large library of professional film and video-making equipment housed in our Multimedia Lab.

Studio spaces dedicated to pre-production, production and post-production allow students to explore the team-based, collaborative nature of filmmaking and to build their digital literacy and professional skills throughout the course.

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Our Fabrication Lab, Materials Lab and Print Lab allow student-led exploration of both the physical and digital aspects of contemporary screen media.

Unique to an independent art and design college, the interdisciplinary curriculum allows students to engage with areas of practise that intersect with the film arts including, Fine Arts, Photography, Commercial Photography, Fashion Media & Marketing, and Costume through regular all-school workshops and lectures.

Recent graduates of the course have participated in many leading international film festivals and galleries, including the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Edinburgh International Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Aesthetica Film Festival, Slamdance (USA), New York Tribeca Film Festival, Raindance International Film Festival, Encounters Film Festival, Cornwall Film Festival, and work in independent freelance practice, film production, television and advertising as cinematographers, directors, production designers and editors.

Core specialisms

Filmmaking, directing, lighting, cinematography, camera operation (analogue, video and digital), concept design, production design, art direction, editing, post-production, green-screen technology, title design, soundtrack design, audio recording, writing, film exhibition, film programming, media theory, film history, documentary, fashion film, dance film, narrative, experimental, location-based video projection, video art, music video, mobile media, social media and screen media installation.