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BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing — Overview

Applying to study with us in September 2021? 

This course is currently under revalidation, with the new title BA (Hons) Fashion Communication. Degrees listed as subject to revalidation are in the final stage of our rigorous approval process, ensuring our well-established undergraduate curriculum accurately reflects the excellent academic and employment opportunities available to students. Through close consultation with industry experts, academics, students and alumni, you can be sure the course you study will prepare you for a bright future in the ever-changing creative industries. 

Fashion is an evolutionary and multi-faceted industry that takes innovations in technology and culture as inspiration.


From creative online campaigns and fashion shoots designed to provoke questions about society, through to discussions around retail and how in-store experiences and online shopping are changing the profession – multitudes of processes occur within fashion.

Student Penny Chan's work for Dazed & Confused magazine during her internship.

Our Fashion Media & Marketing programme enables you to develop strong conceptual, visual and written communication skills, and explore a broad range of techniques in art direction, styling, photography, film, graphics, retail design, fashion writing, social media and advertising.

This is a practice-based and multidisciplinary programme that prepares you to make your mark in the world of fashion.

It is designed to help talented and self-motivated students become innovators and strategists. Strictly for the fashion curious, this programme allows you to gather intelligence and insight from the cultural landscape, turning it into exciting multi-media communications for print and digital.

Designing the set, styling the model and assisting in filming and photography for the Fashion Graduate Collections 2016

You’ll have opportunities for independent collaboration with Film, Photography and Animation students across the college, to create cinemagraphs, animations and rich content for social platforms.

This collaborative attitude combined with an exclusive mix of subject matter covered by our programme ensures that you will have the opportunity to diversify and tailor your learning, so that by graduation your portfolio gets you the career you want.

What will I achieve?

We’ll encourage you to work collaboratively to develop team-working skills and form networks and invaluable relationships with industry and specialist creatives.

By cultivating an original and collaborative approach to fashion communication, you will graduate with a varied portfolio of creative work produced using an array of traditional and digital media, ready for a bright future in the fast-moving fashion industry.

The UK fashion industry is important: it contributes about double the amount to UK GDP as publishing, car manufacturing and chemical manufacturing.


Students working with outdoor clothing company Finisterre on styling and shooting an instagram takeover.

Thinking & making

Study with us and you’ll expand your critical approach alongside developing skills in research and analysis. Our academically robust and intellectually stimulating degree programmes are delivered by our team of academics, technical demonstrators and invited experts who together deliver excellence in learning, teaching and assessment. Our programmes encourage diversity in thinking and making - from practical applications through to reflective, analytical writing.

We provide a dynamic, stimulating learning environment from which to test new models of practice, while investing in the rich relationship between practice and theory - based on the potential in material and visual exploration, collaborative working, cross-fertilisation of ideas, and the exploration of histories and contemporary contexts.  

Opportunities for studying abroad are available at our partner institutions, click here for more.

Work by Mikey Neale, BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing at our 2018 Degree Show.

BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing — Highlights:

  • Work collaboratively with professionals from the world of image making, fashion publishing and PR.
  • Tap into current trends and market insights, with access to global forecasting tools like WGSN and The Future Laboratory.
  • Gain experience in professional photo and film shoots using our industry-standard equipment and studios.
  • Visit key fashion events including London and Paris Fashion Week.
  • Explore a wide range of techniques in art direction, styling, photography, film, graphics, retail design, fashion writing, social media and advertising.
  • Develop your own distinctive approach to fashion communication.

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BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing — Modules

Year 1

BAFM101 Introduction to Fashion Media and Marketing

This module provides an essential induction and orientation for the programme. It will introduce the fundamental concepts and processes that underpin Fashion Media and Marketing through rolling analysis of current industry activity.

BAFM102 Photography, Concepts and Styling

This module will introduce and explore photographic skills and technique along with studio planning and practice to a professional standard. It will begin to familiarise students with the value of market-specific product/garment selection. The module will introduce collaborative practices and require elements of group work to develop strong team skills. Demonstrate planning and the communication of intent which will be explored via academic understanding of the curation of fashion products, visual aesthetics and contemporary fashion narratives.

BAFM103 Editorial Practice for the Fashion Environment

This module introduces students to fashion journalism and editorial practice, and will run concurrently with module BAFM102.

It will familiarise students with the process of interpreting visual and contextual sources into written or broadcast media, and require outcomes to be published.

BAFM104 Fashion Visualisation and Communication

This module will be used to introduce and explore methods of observation, appropriation and creation for visual presentation. Inductions to software will develop visual communication and graphic design skills. It will encourage students to develop visual communications for purpose and audience specific outcomes, utilising outcomes from previous modules. This module will include the presentation of outcomes from modules 102 and 103.

BAIS300 Interdisciplinary Studies

This module provides an opportunity to expand and develop skills and knowledge, through the introduction of new approaches and methods that broaden and extend the student’s understanding of practices both in their subject area, and the wider creative context in which they work.

The module will introduce students to interdisciplinary approaches and methods in their subject, and open up possibilities for engagement with practices both within and outside their immediate subject area. As such, this Module complements all of the student’s study to date, and contributes to their wider knowledge and understanding of creative practices.

The module will encourage students to explore new skills, knowledge and approaches including team working and problem solving. Above all, it will encourage critical reflection on the range of interdisciplinary approaches and contexts explored within the module.

BCOP100 Contexts of Practice 1

This module introduces students to key theories and ideas, and provides a range of critical approaches to support the investigation, interpretation and analysis of contemporary art, design and media. Students will study a range of concepts that have shaped the way that we understand art, design and media in its wider historical and cultural contexts. Students will develop core research and communication skills to help them to articulate and contextualise their understanding of the themes covered in this module, and the knowledge gained will support creative practice by developing an understanding of the relationship between thinking and making.


Year 2

BAFM201 Fashion Communication and the Moving Image

Throughout this module learners will explore the evolving use of the moving image as part of fashion communication. This module is linked to past learning and requires individuals to build on knowledge of visual culture, the fashion environment and theories in marketing and promotion.

One of two modules in Level 5 where acquisition of technical skills and theoretical studies are taught together. Final outcomes must evidence progress in both fields.

BAFM202 Professional Practice within Fashion Media and Marketing Environment

This module extends skills acquired during Level 4 allowing individuals to further explore the fashion environment and explore industry practice along with employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

This module will run across Level 5 and will inform an understanding of the level of professionalism, creativity and adaptability required to negotiate a career in Fashion Media and Marketing.

BAFM203 Fashion Media Marketing and Communication

This module further explores key theories in both marketing and communication and requires students to examine to the relationship between the two activities.

Students will look across communication platforms and examine consumer’s ever-shifting appetites in culture and commodities, considering how this shapes media consumption and usage and sustainable practice.

Students will be encouraged to apply creative outcomes and recommendations to briefings by external agencies to improve their understanding of the Fashion and Media environs and current business methodologies.

GCOP200 Contexts of Practice 2

This module extends and develops the themes, ideas, concepts and critical discourses introduced in Year One. Students will attend core lectures and participate in a lecture/ seminar series designed to deepen their understanding of creative practice in its wider contexts. This themed approach encourages students to make considered and appropriate links between their area of practice and wider contextual and interdisciplinary discourses. You will continue to develop critical approaches to research, which will inform your understanding of the relationship between context and practice.


Year 3

BAFM301 Research and Experimentation

This module will stipulate the overarching direction and outline both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies that will provide a platform from which the student’s Creative and Professional Conclusion module may develop.

It is a period of reflection on past creative outcomes and the success of their commercial application. The questioning of theories and experimentation in practical processes will allow students to plan their final project and negotiate a course towards its conclusion considering future career or learning aspirations.

Negotiated proposals for outcomes must evidence indicative inclusion of contextual studies subject matter and creative intent for the final year must be clearly definable at the end of this module.

BAFM302 Creative and Professional Development

This module will enable students to use personal career ambitions to position themselves for progression to employment, self-employment or to post-graduate study. It will provide multiple opportunities for students to assimilate previous industry experiences and research into both contextual subject matter and creative outcomes of the final year modules.

The module will encourage consideration of audiences, end-users and relevant markets. Relationships with appropriate external agencies, individuals and professionals will be explored and interactions with the creative, commercial and cultural environments will be investigated.

BAFM303 Creative and Professional Conclusion

This module represents the culmination of the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired throughout the entirety of the student’s study on the programme through the engagement in a project that is the result of a self-initiated or self-selected brief.

BAFM304 Contexts of Practice 3

This module provides students with two pathways. Each pathway supports the development of independent critical thinking and requires them to consider and contextualise their practice by situating it within a wider set of discourses and contexts. 
Pathway One - Written Research Project (WRP) is an opportunity to conduct a substantive piece of independent research, which is focused on an area related to creative practice. 
Pathway Two - Contextual Enquiry Project (CEP) is a practice-led research project with critical commentary, in which students conduct an in-depth inquiry intended to inform and reposition their creative practice.


Module details listed above are indicative content only.
All modules listed are compulsory.

BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing — Staff

Milly Brown

Milly Brown
Senior Lecturer & Subject Leader

Experienced designer and futurologist Milly Brown has worked with a wide array of clients ranging from global fashion retailers to luxury stores and boutiques.  She has devised bespoke trend publications and specialised product ranges for a varied client base, including Topshop, Selfridges and French Connection.

After progressing into the education sector, Milly taught her specialist areas of trend, visual communication and fashion marketing and promotion at Nottingham Trent University, The Fashion Retail Academy and London College of Fashion before joining Plymouth College of Art.

As co-creator of the Fashion Media and Marketing program, Milly is passionate about developing students’ understanding of the symbiotic nature of fashion and its relationship with other areas of design, art and culture. She is currently exploring the use of abstracted forms within the context of fashion publishing.

Kirsty Smith

Kirsty Smith
Senior Lecturer & Subject Leader

Experienced Fashion Photographer with a demonstrated history of working in the photography industry, Kirsty is skilled in Photography, Creative Direction, Production and Adobe Creative Suite. Working within extreme sports and sportswear photographer Kirsty Smith has a strong reputation in both editorial and advertising. Over the past fifteen years, Kirsty has shot for clients including Bespokeasia PR, Nike, DC, Adidas, Vans, Quicksilver, Billabong, Element, WeSC, Etnies, Oakley, Harvey Nichols, Calvin Klein, La Perla, Sands Resort, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, The BBC and Vauxhall.

Kirsty is a Senior Lecturer with programme leader remit in Fashion Media & Marketing at Plymouth College of Art. She oversees modules in Fashion Photography and Fashion Film and runs the annual student visits to Fashion Week, including London and Paris.

An art and design professional, Kirsty has a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Contemporary Practice focused in Photography from University College Falmouth. She is currently working towards her PhD in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, London, exploring the visual narrative of skateboard media.

Alanna Morgan

Alanna Morgan

An experienced stylist and visual merchandiser, Alanna has created window installations and overseen creative styling for some of the highstreet's best-known brands. Working at Oxford Street’s flagship Miss Selfridge and Topshop Knightsbridge in London, her creative installations have been seen by an average of 4.3 million people a week. Alanna has significant experience of retail environments and their working and has led a creative team responsible for opening stores around the UK, including high-profile store refurbishments and new store openings. Also responsible for styling for press events,

Alanna studied Cultural Studies and Media Communications at Bath Spa university, where she specialized in identity in music and fashion cultures, and is passionate about the discussion of these areas within Fashion Media and Marketing.

The staff listed on this programme are correct at the time of writing. Students will be notified if there are any changes to key staff (i.e. Programme Leaders and Lecturers).

BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing — Student Work

Penny Chan, BA (Hons) Fashion Media and Marketing

Penny Chan, BA (Hons) Fashion Media and Marketing

Sue Lewry, BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Tatsunori Ishikawa, BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Julian Charles, BA (Hons) Film

Design by Serg Bojorean, BA (Hons) Fashion. Image by Jon Cooney, BA (Hons) Photography.

BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing — Students Say

Bethany O'Leary, BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing graduate

"My time at Plymouth College of Art has been nothing but positive! As someone who has never had a very clear idea of my future career path, I have been so thrilled with how much support I received from my incredible lectures on Fashion Media and Marketing. My course and the college as a whole is so creative and independent and was just such an enjoyable place to be. I will never forget my time here."

Mikey Neale, BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing graduate

"The teaching staff on FMM couldn’t be more suited to the course if they tried. Due to the nature of the course and the spectrum that it covers, it works perfectly that all the staff come from a variety of backgrounds, but not only that, their extensive knowledge covers so much more than just fashion, which is so important for drawing references to your work. Plus the team will also focus on every individual pupil and their interest; they are always reading, watching and researching and will constantly send you articles, videos and books that relates to your work, which is very hard to come across at other universities.

Studying Fashion Media & Marketing has opened my eyes to the world of fashion even more than before, by putting on trips to fashion weeks including Paris and London, but I was also allowed to under take my own research trip to Tokyo during my studies in order to push my work forward.

A massive advantage that the team of lecturers offer you is their contacts, bringing them in to the college to deliver exclusive workshops, including Vogue photographers, GQ stylists, art directors from top magazines, Topshop buyers, fashion film makers, marketing specialists and so much more. These lectures and workshops benefit your work so much because it allows you to gain industry insights and learn how the professionals do their jobs.

Another benefit of the staff on this programme is the fact that they are all still working in industry, which means they’re constantly working on new jobs, and they will share their experiences with you and help you gain employment once you have finished your studies, or even introduce you to someone to undertake an internship during your degree."


Rhiannon Jones, BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing graduate

"I feel privileged to have studied such a diverse and varied degree at Plymouth College of Art.

It has been interesting seeing my skills grow and my creative style mature, resulting in a body of work that I am extremely proud of. It has also been amazing to see the contrasting, dynamic work across all my peers. I think that seeing such variety and creativity come from individuals on the same course speaks volumes of the creative freedom and interpretation that this course allows."


Joshua Lyle, BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing graduate

"Studying Fashion Media & Marketing for three years has honestly been the most enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Not only have the lecturing team allowed me to develop as a professional, they have taught me new skills in marketing and image creation, and given me the experience of learning from visiting lecturers during workshops, as well as finding new ways to explore how I approach my work as a creative.

I could not have asked for a more supportive and passionate group of staff to give their time as well as their varied and amazing knowledge, which has allowed me to create unique and inspired work that I am truly proud of. Being able to ask for help, pick their brains for ideas, as well as have them dedicate their own time to help on shoots, essay writing - and even helping with personal issues. The team do everything they can to help students succeed.

I have loved every day of the course these past three years, and I am sad that it has come to a close. Without the team at Plymouth College of Art, I would not have developed so well in my photography, would not have come out of my shell, and gained confidence in both myself and the concepts I have and the work created from them.

The team don’t just create an amazing working environment for the students, they create a family."


Kate Harvey, BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing graduate 

"Fashion Media & Marketing is such a wonderfully diverse programme. For me, someone who has always adored fashion and grew up reading the glossy pages of high fashion magazines, this is the perfect course. Although I have always enjoyed journalism, we are being equipped with all the skills necessary for multiple professions in the industry.

Whilst gaining this varied skill set, we also have a great deal of support from tutors who are more than willing to share their first-hand experiences and offer advice. On top of that, the college itself is full of fantastic facilities and technology which is accessible to all students."

BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing — Careers & Alumni

This is a dynamic programme that responds in real time to shifts in the fashion industry.

We enrich our learning environment with a varied programme of live projects, guest speakers and internships.

Our visiting speakers have included guests from: Vogue, Dazed, It’s Nice That, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Opumo, The Protagonist Magazine, Gung Ho PR, Women’s Health Magazine, HPR Fashion Agency London, Finisterre, and Amy Gwatkin for Peter Jensen.

Students pitch their instagram takeover proposal to the Head of Creative at Finisterre

You will have the chance to work with industry professionals to create visual branding, professional lookbooks and moving image projects, developing your online marketing skills and helping you cultivate an original approach to fashion communication.

Throughout the year we’ll give you the opportunity to visit major trade fairs and fashion shows, including London and Paris Fashion Week, where you can make meaningful connections with industry.

Our strong international connections also allow our students to take a semester of study with one of our partner institutions within Europe and North America, and in turn, we welcome overseas students from those institutions to join us in our studios, creating an exciting cultural exchange.

Graduates become:

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Fashion Filmmakers and Directors
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Fashion Journalists
  • Stylists
  • Content and Social Media Managers
  • Visual Merchandisers
  • Trend Forecasters
  • Buyers
  • PR and Events Co-ordinators

Guest Lecturers and live project collaborators:

Careers & Enterprise in the Curriculum’ at Plymouth College of Art 

Professional practice is embedded within all of our programmes.  Throughout your studies, you will have the opportunity to develop the key professional, transferable skills for employability in the creative industries and potentially work in partnership with other sectors locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

From writing and making the most of your CV to gaining industry experience, the acquisition of professional skills has been written into the programmes of study by our staff teams, who have ‘real world’ experience. They are also supported by our Industry Liaison Groups, who help inform the development of the higher education curriculum.

BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing — Entry Requirements

 You will be expected to have obtained qualifications in a relevant subject at advanced level equating to 200 UCAS points (e.g. BTEC National Diploma, Foundation Diploma, A-levels etc) and / or have relevant vocational experience. This can be assessed from a portfolio at interview.

BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing — Resources

Your learning will be enriched through a series of workshops and talks from guest speakers as well as having the opportunity to use global trend forecasting tools WGSN and The Future Laboratory.

Access to technical support, along with professional studios and audiovisual equipment, will underpin your creative journey.

With above average contact time with your specialist tutors, highly-skilled technicians and free professional kit hire from our Equipment Resource Centre, you can realise your aspirations to direct fashion shoots or films, style for promos or explore journalistic opportunities.

Our Careers & Enterprise office provides support from a dedicated team who are purely focused on developing creative opportunities. And this doesn’t stop when you graduate – we want to keep in contact and help support you through the first two years of your career.

Facilities at the college include:

Photography, Film and Animation Studios

Our students make full use of our industry-standard dedicated studio spaces – including our infinity cove, green screen, and specialist sound studio (with Foley pit and vocal recording booth) – plus our stop-motion suite, our darkrooms, and plenty of individual edit suites, all up-to-date with the latest industry-standard software.

Digital Print Bureau and Equipment Resource Centre

Our Digital Print Bureau offers affordable and quick print services for all our students who are looking for anything from large-format or solvent printing, to photo printing, scanning or vinyl cutting, and a wide range of finishing services. Our highly experienced Equipment Resource Centre staff can advise you on which of our 6,000 pieces of industry-standard kit – from underwater cameras to traditional large format cameras and all free to hire – will best meet your needs.

A sneak peek at our Equipment Resource Centre with everything you could possibly need - free for use and hire.

Our Digital Print Bureau offers affordable print services for our students and the public.

Fab Lab

Our ‘fabrication laboratory’ is kitted-out with the latest in digital design technologies – from 3D printers to 3D scanners, a vinyl cutter, CNC milling machine, CNC router and laser cutter. It adds a whole new level of opportunity for students across all creative walks of life.

Fine Art Printmaking Studios

A fantastic facility supporting fine art printmaking, our dedicated space caters for a wide range of programmes and processes. You’ll get access to a 150-year-old Columbian press, an Albion press, an historic and rare wallpaper press, and an automatic FAG proofing press, plus a broad selection of metal and wood type, vacuum screen-printing beds, and four etching presses.

Textile Studios

With views out to sea and 35 metres of print tables to encourage experimentation, our Printed Textile Design Studios also boast a fantastic Mimaki fabric printer, digital embroidery resources, industrial sewing machines, sublimation printers, a dye lab, heat presses, a tufting gun and a Mac suite. It’s got to be one of the best printed textile workshops in the UK.

Woods and Plastics Workshop

Alongside the latest in new technology, we value the long-standing traditions of making in wood and plastics – and have developed an excellently-resourced workshop that is open to all our students. It boasts a wide range of kit, including an impressive CNC router, plenty of saws and lathes, and strip-heaters, as well as greenwood-working facilities.

BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Marketing — Interview

UCAS: NW52 Full Time / Institution: P65
Part Time