Student work by Jorge Mata Photography by Rod Gonzalez

BA (Hons) 3D Design Crafts

Course Duration

3 years; full-time
6 years; part-time


Course: 67T2
Institution: P65
Subject to Revalidation

Looking to start your studies in 2020? It’s not too late! Apply by 30 October 2020 to begin your BA (Hons) degree on 2 November.

Student work by Ben Kew Photography by Rod Gonzalez

Student work by Ben Kew.

Our diverse 3D Design Crafts programme allows you to develop a close understanding and relationship with a range of craft media including ceramics, clay, hot and cold glass, metals, jewellery, jesmonite, wood and plastics.

You will have the chance to explore both the functional and the expressive potential of these rich, tactile materials and to take them in innovative and unexpected directions.

3D Design Crafts encompasses a comprehensive range of practices from designer-makers such as jewellers, to conceptual sculptors, with the option for you to become a specialist in a particular discipline as you progress.

The first year of the programme includes working across processes within 3D design crafts to learn crucial interdisciplinary skills. You will gain an in-depth understanding of materials, processes and design development.

In the second and third years, you’ll have the opportunity to focus on your chosen field or continue to work across a range of disciplines. There will be ongoing lectures that support the development of your professional practice and contextual studies throughout the three years of the programme.

Our superbly equipped and spacious workshops provide opportunities for you to pair traditional making with the rapid digital prototyping facilities in our Fab Lab, giving you the opportunity to reinvent craft for the 21st century.

Our academic and technical teams are all artists and designers and they will teach you the skills you need, challenge you, and test your conceptual thinking.

Learning isn’t limited to our design studios and workshops – you will meet some of the UK’s most inventive and entrepreneurial contemporary makers and thinkers through studio visits, demonstrations, and presentations.

“There was so much amazing talent and work at the Plymouth College of Art Degree Show. It was a real pleasure to have a student from the 3D Design Crafts programme working with us; it is such a valuable course and we are keen to support it.”
Dr Jo Elworthy, Director of Interpretation at Eden Project
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Our taught programme encompasses a wealth of disciplines, materials and approaches, from creating individual pieces to batch production methods, all underpinned by strong methodologies and a focus on design solutions.

By exploring histories and contemporary contexts of designing and making, you will expand your approach. You will learn how ideas, visual research, critical thinking, and making can inform each other, responding to current issues such as globalisation and sustainability.

You’ll learn about enterprise and entrepreneurship, and how to price, display and promote products for a range of different markets including: large scale site-specific work, individual exhibition pieces and domestic products, all based on knowledge of your customers and the experience gained by working on live briefs, pitching to clients and entering competitions.

Thinking & Making

Study with us and you’ll expand your critical approach alongside developing skills in research and analysis. Our academically robust and intellectually stimulating degree programmes are delivered by our team of academics, technical demonstrators and invited experts who together deliver excellence in learning, teaching and assessment. Our programmes encourage diversity in thinking and making - from practical applications through to reflective, analytical writing.

We provide a dynamic, stimulating learning environment from which to test new models of practice, while investing in the rich relationship between practice and theory - based on the potential in material and visual exploration, collaborative working, cross-fertilisation of ideas, and the exploration of histories and contemporary contexts.


  • Turn design ideas into artefacts and objects – ready for production or exhibition.
  • Experience a vibrant mix of designing and making, with a chance to explore diverse materials.
  • Benefit from experienced academic staff who have exhibited, curated and published internationally.
  • Develop valuable design skills, so that your making is underpinned by sound methodology.
  • Enjoy opportunities for business start-up and enterprise.
  • Research global markets to inform your work.
  • Support from a team of dedicated and knowledgeable technicians in the realisation of your ideas.

A copper edged glass sculpture of a hand firmly grips the wrist of a real human hand, placed behind the subject's back, leaf green trousers are visible beneath.