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Posted 02.04.14

Use #YourEnergy to support real physical facilities in creative education

Why is the UK dismantling creative education?

In the Guardian, Shelly Asquith, President of the University of the Arts Students' Union, declared 2013 a “sad year for creative education” and this year the creative sector continues to bear the brunt of government cuts. As a result many institutions are phasing out tangible, physical facilities in favour of cheaper alternatives. This is despite the creative industry being the fastest growing sector in the UK, pumping £71bn into the economy.

Plymouth College of Art is campaigning to make a change. We want a greater focus on tangible facilities in UK art and design education - which otherwise runs the risk of becoming over-reliant on desk-based creative learning. We have to make sure our art schools don’t turn into offices and lecture halls.

In line with our brand new video (above) highlighting the creative energy at the college, we’re calling on artists, designers, students, and makers from all ages and backgrounds to add their voice to our campaign by using social media to show us their creative energy in action.

Support physical facilities with #YourEnergy

Using the hashtag #YourEnergy on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, post a picture of a work-in-progress, show us a finished drawing, or take a snap of your studio. Whatever it is, help us show the wealth and breadth of creativity in the UK from people of all ages, highlighting the importance of well-resourced arts institutions to the UK’s creative industries. Together we can raise awareness.


We believe art education should encourage students to think with their bodies as well as their minds. Real facilities and energy are essential to that. We believe:

1. Making is thinking

It helps us discover new possibilities, new innovations, and new potential.

2. Making is sometimes failing

How do we know what's possible until we try? We have to experiment to discover.

3. Making is feeling

Our hands give form to the ideas that our mind can't even perceive.

Support our campaign to demonstrate the importance of real facilities in art education. Post a picture of your creative energy and join in the debate on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram with #YourEnergy.