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Posted 29.12.18

TOP TIPS: Meeting new people

By Kat Peberdy

If you’ve recently moved into your student accommodation and started studying, then you may have already made new friends. But it’s never too late to meet new people – no matter how long you’ve been moved in for.

That’s why the team at Host student accommodation have let us know their top ten ways to help get you meeting new people at your halls of residence or shared house...

1. Help people out

One simple act of kindness can lead to a lifelong friendship!

2. Spend time in your lounge

Don't be tempted to hide away in your room, hang out in the lounge area or communal rooms to watch TV or play a game of pool.

3. Be inviting

Invite your new flatmates to your communal space with you, there will be loads of other people for you to meet there too!

4. Be the first person to say hello

It can be nerve-wracking but everyone is in the same position, be daring and break the ice first - they'll be grateful you did and so will you.

5. Offer a good ol' cup of tea

Offer a hot drink to everyone and anyone, you'll get bonus points for having biscuits too (or you could ask them to bring the biscuits!).

6. Keep your flat clean

Keep the whole flat clean and tidy, not just your bedroom. Your flatmates will love you for it and people will love coming over to spend time with you all.

7. Get cooking

Offer to cook a meal for the whole flat - you can all pitch in with ingredients and it's a great chance to find out what people love to eat.

8. Take the bins out

Even if it's not your turn, you'll be surprised how grateful your flatmates will be for it!

9. Keep the noise down

Being sociable is great, but not at 4am when your flatmates have an early start.

10. Try new things!

You'll all be coming from different backgrounds and cultures, so embrace the change and try a new hobby or sport with your new friends.


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