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Posted 04.06.15

Summer Show 2015: Ten students to watch

By Jake May

Our annual Summer Show sees the college transform from a vibrant workshop and studio complex into a brilliant, public showcase for new work in art, craft, design and media.

With 2015’s Summer Show open 10-17 June (opening times are available here), we’re featuring ten must-see works from our talented students. In no particular order...

1. Fiona Chappelle

BA (Hons) Ceramics


Fiona Chappelle is fascinated by the textures created by the deterioration of her surroundings. During the time she was working as a home care worker, she spent time talking to patients who had lost aspects of who they used to be due to ageing.

This combination of interests has been the inspiration behind her current body of work. This collection of unfired, slip-casted, porcelain busts of her mother, are slowly being destroyed. The fragility of the clay body and the continual growth of the natural materials and mould encourages the breakdown of the busts, representing the ageing process in humans. /

Student work: ‘Deterioration’ by Fiona Chappelle, BA (Hons) Ceramics

2. Tatsunori Ishikawa

BA (Hons) Graphic Design


Tatsunori Ishikawa is a graphic designer and photographer from Saitama, Japan. Tatsu is drawn to the simple and primitive aspects of graphic design with the philosophy of having an idea, making something, selling it. Tatsu is passionate about displaying his image-making and branding skills and has interests in how these relate with fashion, music, and culture.

Tatsu’s final major project combines his interests and technical abilities, incorporating generative art, photography, sound visualisation, sound production, and graphic design in both digital and analogue, culminating in the conceptual branding and promotion of an imagined electronic music event, ‘UNSEEN’. Lissajous curves sit literally centre stage, created using a synthesizer and an analogue oscilloscope, captured using both digital and film cameras; some manipulated, others clean.

The work aims to interact and engage, give and take, and provide contemporary, electronic music with a contemporary, visual aesthetic.

Student work: 'UNSEEN' by Tatsunori Ishikawa, BA (Hons) Graphic Design

3. Micah Shaw

BA (Hons) Illustration

Micah Shaw is an illustrator and comic book artist based in the UK who hopes to tell a story within her illustrations. Her visual language is inspired by her life, humour and a side order of imagination. The main medium she uses is a mix of traditional pen, pencil and paper then digitally rendering them on Photoshop or Illustrator. /

Student work: Micah Shaw, BA (Hons) Illustration

4. Serg Bojorean

BA (Hons) Fashion

shape via line / garment via form / via fabric

future via past / japan via africa / image via sound

Within my designs, there are a few things going on at the same time – but at the start of it all was music. Music from Japan and Africa was a particular influence. I was listening a lot as I was designing, so it was very subconscious. The feeling that the music gives you, rather than anything solid you can put your finger on.

My collection is also all made up of identical pieces. Almost identical. A while ago I went to a life drawing class where we we had to use straight lines and  straight lines only. It’s that idea where you restrict yourself to one rule and just push it as far as it can go. It’s a different approach to design and that appeals to me.

Student work: Serg Bojorean, BA (Hons) Fashion

5. Rachel Woods

BA (Hons) Design for Games


Abe’s Oddysee meets Mark of the Ninja; STELLA is a 2D stealth based game with a twist of horror. The player takes the role of Stella, a monkey-like creature breaking free of the laboratory and releasing other imprisoned creatures along the way. An Edward Gorey inspired, hand produced art style gives the game a unique look using a blend of traditional and digital, painterly textures and drawings.

STELLA raises awareness for pharmaceutical testing and vivisection. Engaging and fun to play whilst also promoting compassion for animals and encouraging receptive players to consider the impact of their lifestyles and shopping choices.

Student work: ‘STELLA’ by Rachel Woods, BA (Hons) Design for Games

6. Alana Harrison

BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing


I am a jewellery designer/maker whose inspiration comes largely from a keen interest in psychology and a desire to use creativity to benefit others.

Working mainly in brass and jesmonite my designs are playful, colourful pieces that have as important an aesthetic value as function. They are subtly scented with fragrances that have been identified as comforting and are tactile allowing the wearer to fidget with their jewellery, providing discreet sensory stimulation in times of stress.

While the jewellery can be used as a comforting aid it is more instantly recognisable as easily wearable pieces of contemporary, geometric adornment. /

Student work: ‘Redolent’ by Alana Harrison, BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing

7. Anita Benjamin

BA (Hons) Photography

‘A Union with Nature’

Anita is driven to use the camera to photograph and learn more about the world, about human life and ways of living that are different from her own.

Her latest documentary project, takes an intimate look at a small community living an alternative and sustainable lifestyle in the woods in Somerset. Anita provides an insight into the lives of a community, who have chosen a lifestyle that will leave only a minimum carbon footprint, whilst provoking viewers of her work to consider their own measures of sustainability in a world of depleting natural resources. /

Student work: Anita Benjamin, BA (Hons) Photography

8. Sofia Beale

BA (Hons) Animation

Throughout my third year, my practice has mainly revolved around combining traditional stop-motion techniques with digital 2D elements. I have become increasingly interested with set and prop design and therefore for my final animations I chose stories that would allow me to create a variety of sets.

I have spent the majority of my time on ‘Plymouthland’, a short piece about walking around Plymouth and catching glimpses into various people’s lives; tiny moments of people’s daily routines – cups of tea, watching the football, staring at the rain... It’s an exploration of sets and characters that I hope to develop further in the future. After I finish this course I plan to continue making independent short films but also I hope to work in pre-production of stop motion animation. /

PLYMOUTHLAND from Sofia Fabienne on Vimeo.

9. Andy Cluer

BA (Hons) Fine Art

‘Oυ Tόπος Ferrier // Ou-Topos Ferrier' (2015)

Andy Cluer is a contemporary artist who works with multidisciplinary mediums, challenging the notion of collage. His interests surround failed architectural structures, their use of space and the unconscious theories using archival material to feed his in depth research led practice that sees him export physical objects, past or present into a 2D collage that is than redeveloped back into a 3D abstract visual.  

Cluer’s works currently explore failed architect builds and projects, focusing on a utopian quality or ideal. He meticulously explores the creative range of the materials used with particular emphasis on the physical structure and the effects on the surrounding society.

10. Robert Smith and Robert Marshall

BA (Hons) Film


'Pine' is a light-hearted comedy drama created by Robert Smith and Robert Marshall, which was supported by a Grant from the Exeter and Devon Film Commission and selected for inclusion in the Two Short Nights Film Festival due to screen in autumn 2015. 'Pine' poses the poignant question; 'is life full of choices or predestined actions, and what are the consequences to the individual's life from the decisions or actions they take?'

Robert Smith is a young film director who has written, directed, filmed and acted in short films of diverse genres. Smith's aim in pursuing his artistic endeavours in the film industry is to tell stories for others to feel involved in, as if they have shared the experience, and as an avenue of escapism, to explore things impossible in reality, but possible through the medium of film. The pertinent visual tableau and dialogue draws the individual to engage with the action on screen.

Robert Marshall is a visual artist that mainly focuses on cinematography in film, who uses his understanding of lighting and composition to complement the director’s vision. Robert is also active in other areas such as illustration, photography and animation. Robert’s aim is to work on films that change the way people think.


Summer Show 2015 is open from Wednesday 10th to Wednesday 17th June and is entirely free and open to all.

And it's not all about third year work from our Undergraduate degree programmes.

You can also see a preview of work from our students in BA (Hons) Painting, Drawing and Printmaking, BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design and Surface Pattern, and BA (Hons) Costume Production & Associated Crafts, as well as students in BA (Hons) Commercial Photography.

You can see work by our range of Pre-Degree students, spanning our Extended Diploma courses and our Foundation Diploma in Art & Design.

And you can also see work from our students in our Young Arts Club coursess, Short Courses, Apprenticeships, and the groups of our charity partner Jeremiah's Journey.

See all of the fantastic work from our 500+ talented students across all levels at Summer Show 2015, 10-17 June, free and open to all. Opening times here.

Press? Find high-res images, artist statements, press releases and more here. Contact for further info.