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Posted 23.09.14

Students work with Tribe Magazine for The Fashion Book

The work of a Fashion designer is often far more than merely designing and making clothes. Today's industry demands that graduates are well equipped in a range of skills across fashion, such as styling, trends PR, marketing – as well as being expert designer-makers.

And that's exactly why our Fashion students work alongside photographers, graphic designers, film-makers and more to organise their annual professional Fashion Show.

As part of the show, our students curate and lead the design and production of a look-book, where their designs are photographed and their concepts and influences revealed.

The Fashion Show then sees part of the college transformed to become a professional catwalk, where members of the industry (as well as family and friends) gather to see our students' designed modelled and strutted.

On top of that this year, final year students worked with international arts and culture magazine tribe to capture the final weeks of their course.

Cue The Fashion Book. A multimedia record – videos, interviews, photographs, slideshows, and more – of the students' designs, collections, inspirations and more.

Programme Leader Alison Braybrook said: "Working with journalists, photographers and designers gives our students key experience meaning that when they graduate – as these talented students now have – they leave ready for life in the industry.

"We're incredibly proud of our students and this book is evidence of three fantastic years of experimentation, discovery and – ultimately – success in becoming talented and creative designer-makers." 

- BA (Hons) Fashion

- BA (Hons) Fashion, Media and Marketing

- In Pictures: Fashion Show 2014

Explore The Fashion Book via tribe below: