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Posted 08.12.16

Students collaborate with Q-Art for book launch and crit tours at Tate Modern

By Sarah Packer

Two students on our BA (Hons) Painting, Drawing and Printmaking programme recently spent an exciting weekend in London attending a book launch and hosting workshops at Tate Modern.

Following their close collaborations with Q-Art at the college late last year, 3rd-year students Marie Taylor and Amelia Webster were invited to London to deliver tours in Tate Modern to the Sorrell Foundation’s Saturday Art Club students, introducing young people to the idea of talking about art and thinking about how it is viewed.

“Once a year the Sorrell Foundation students go to London and the Q-Art team deliver the 'introduction to the crit' type workshops to them. This year, after building up a professional relationship with Q-Art in other projects, they asked Amelia and I to lead some of the tours.” — Marie Taylor

They’ve also contributed to Q-Art’s latest book, Professional Practice: 20 Questions, the launch of which they attended during their trip to London at Hauser & Wirth. You can purchase your copy here.

Marie Taylor is also one of the founding members of the Rhizome collective of emerging artists, which includes a number of our students and graduates from BA (Hons) Painting, Drawing & Printmaking and other programmes.

The collective was founded with the aim of “providing support and development opportunities for each other to establish our emerging careers in the Plymouth community, retaining locally educated, artistic talent for the benefit of the local culture and economy.”

As a founding associate of Tate, we’re excited to be hosting our Making Learning: Pop-up School & Symposium at Tate Exchange in January. Find out more here.

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