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Posted 03.11.17

Official Selection at European Film Festival for International student

By Kat Peberdy

The Szczecin European Film Festival takes place across multiple venues each year in Szczecin, Poland, with support from The European Union, The Polish Film Institute and The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Receiving over 2,000 submissions, the festival organisers selected just 26 of the highest quality films, including a timelapse from BA (Hons) Film student and Eramus+ ambassador Constantinos Christou. 'Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night' has also been selected as a semi-finalist at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards and Les Films de la Toile Festival.

We catch up with Constantinos to chat about his experience producing his film and attending the festival to take part in a Q&A panel alongside the screening...

Tell us about your film, what it means to you and why you chose to make it?

The film is about time, how it passes when you are having the time of your life! With people you know and people you don't know, or sometimes when alone. It also represents the everyday routine that you do from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep.

Image credit: Szczecin European Film Festival

What equipment did you use?

The equipment I used was my own and it was a Canon DSLR camera EOS 7D Mk II.
I used a variety of lenses to achieve the interesting close-ups and the dynamic wide shots, and of course a very steady tripod.

How did it feel to hear your film would be screening at the film festival?

I was really happy when I heard that the film was going to be screened at the festival, it's very important for filmmakers to have the chance to show their films to different audiences. Then being asked to present the film in front of an audience and do a Q&A with the organisers and audience was such a great surprise!

What was the highlight of attending the festival?

Every element of the festival was amazing! The organisation, the accommodation, the people and the city. What particularly stood out for me was the awards ceremony, which was held in a Philharmonic theatre with hundreds of people in the audience - it reminded me of the Oscars! "And the award for the best film goes to..."

You visited as part of the Erasmus+ programme, why did you choose Plymouth?

I chose Plymouth mainly because of the course and facilities, the modules really appealed to me so I decided to find out more about the college, the work produced by its students and life in Plymouth. I also wanted an opportunity to practice my English language, and I always wanted to live in a city by the sea.

Image credit: Szczecin European Film Festival

And you're coming back for your final year! What made you choose to come back to finish your studies?

What made me come back and finish my studies was once again the course and the people I met while I was here! Also, the potential of work in the UK when I finish the college is very exciting.

Would you recommend Erasmus+ to other students?

I would highly recommend it, travelling and living abroad in general is a great experience but the Erasmus+ opportunity is one of a kind. It's not just about the travel itself, it's also about learning your true self when you are in a country with none of your family or friends. You get the opportunity for a fresh start and to meet new people, immerse yourself in new cultures and also learn how to be independent. As the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) quotes "Mobility is a lifestyle"!

Constantinos Christou at the festival, image courtesy of Szczecin European Film Festival

You've also joined college's in-house design studio The Agency, why did you choose to do this?

I chose to join the Agency so I could get more hands-on experience and learn how the creative sector works in the UK, and it's an opportunity to work with the college and support its reputation.