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Posted 04.04.19

Accommodation guaranteed for all first year students

By Lauren Taverner Brown

Image captured at a Clever Student Lets property.

We're committed to ensuring that our students have suitable accommodation choices, and all first year students are guaranteed an offer of accommodation within the city.

We work with Clever Student Lets and Host to bring you a wide range of accommodation choices for all budgets, so that you can find a place to live that is the perfect fit for you.

We sat down with both of our accommodation providers to get their expert advice on how to settle into your new home, and kickstart some lifelong friendships.

A communal space at Host's Frobisher House property.

Host provide two student halls style accommodation options just a few minutes walk from the main Plymouth College of Art campus, with The Old Dairy and Frobisher House benefiting from 24/7 concierge and laundry facilities onsite - a modern, luxurious yet affordable option, with prices ranging from £105 to £115 per week*. Here are their top five tips for settling in to your new halls...

  1. Help people out. One simple act of kindness can lead to a lifelong friendship!
  2. Be the first person to say hello. It can be nerve-wracking but everyone is in the same position, be daring and break the ice first - they'll be grateful you did and so will you.
  3. Offer a cup of tea - you'll get bonus points for having biscuits too (or you could ask them to bring the biscuits!).
  4. Take the bins out. Even if it's not your turn, you'll be surprised how grateful your flatmates will be for it!
  5. Keep the noise down. Being sociable is great, but not at 4am when your flatmates have an early start.

Host contact details: 01752 395984 /

Our annual Freshers Fair is a great place to meet new people, and always fun to go along for a bit of bonding with your new housemates.

Clever Student Lets have an extensive range of options available across four different properties - Grove, Cornwall Heights, Ocean and Coombestone House. From self contained apartments just a ten minute walk from campus, to ensuite rooms located in Plymouth’s historic Barbican area, prices range from £95 to £120 per week*. Here are Clever Student Lets top five tips for making the most of your new living situation...

  1. Make your room feel like home. You’ll be surprised how amazing buying a new set of bedding feels!
  2. Cleaning schedule. It sounds like common sense, but don’t leave the cleaning all up to one person. Implement a schedule so that everyone does their fair share, and you’ll have a happy house. And never leave a pan ‘to soak’ – on behalf of everyone… just don’t be that person!
  3. Start a house fund for shared items. Things like washing up liquid, sponges, and toilet roll aren’t very expensive, and are even cheaper if they’re split six ways.
  4. House meetings. These really work when resolving any issues, but if you’re not making progress, don’t be afraid to use your agencies.
  5. Keep an open mind. Not everyone will be having the same experience as you. Just be kind, a smile goes a long way, and enjoy the ride that is university life.

Clever Student Lets contact details: 01752 500511 /

(*prices correct as of April 2019.)