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Posted 12.10.16

MA students unveil the results of their creative research in annual showcase

By Sarah Packer

Students on our Postgraduate programmes unveiled the culmination of their year-long projects to a packed crowd at our annual MA Showcase last month.

The show gave an insight into the diverse creative research undertaken by the students throughout their studies.

Educating through design and good food meant all guests were catered for by MA in Entrepreneurship for Creative Practice student, Simona Buonomo and her company Discover Cibo.

Good food provided by student Simona Buonomo's Discover Cibo at the show.

Guests were entranced by Sarah Jamieson’s installation on the complexities of conscious thinking, whilst Tim Gundry’s stunning drone images expanded the language and creative possibilities of landscape photography.

Holly Wales, MA Illustration, celebrated the handmade with her vibrant floor rug she designed with a teal and red floral pattern. Also working in textiles was Jack Morris, a creative pattern cutter and luxury bespoke fashion designer.

Guests got involved in Sarah Jamieson's lightbox installation.

The work of Carri Keill looked to challenge the global consumption of clothing through a mix of costume and narrative photography, whilst MA Photography student Jennifer-Anne Crowther’s ephemeral photographs created contemplative spaces for viewers.

Jennifer-Anne Crowther's beautiful photography emphasises colour and detail.

MA Contemporary Crafts student Rebecca Walklett developed an experimental body of 3D work, Guy Brasher screened his film Jannertown looking at audience response to genre and unpredictable narratives and Chrissy Vale showcased her comic book illustrations, feeding into her aim to create comic books commercially.

Metal delicately folds in Rebecca Walklett's 3D sculptural work.

MA in Entrepreneurship for Creative Practice student Ashley Turner won the Postgraduate Student of the Year Award, at the show’s opening night, for her heritage design for the Mayflower 400 project.

Kim Charnley, Head of Postgraduate Studies (left) and Ashley Turner, winner of the Postgraduate Student of the Year Award (right).

Ashley started the course having had a degree in painting and six years’ experience working as a freelance artist. “My background had afforded me strong two-dimensional skills, but I lacked experience applying my illustrations to products. I also lacked the entrepreneurial skills necessary to start and run a successful business.”

She describes her transformation whilst on the Master's programme as a transition “from fine artist to designer, from commissioned-oriented to commercial-oriented, from client-led to self-led.”

The college has always encouraged an interdisciplinary practice which Ashley benefitted from, “I came to the programme with no knowledge of textile design, but fortunately, I had classmates who offered insight and advice. I also found it helpful to have tutors from a variety of disciplines. I believe that the multifarious guidance I received (from both professors and peers) had a positive effect on my practice.”

As a graduate of the college, she is now moving to Boston, Massachusetts where she will continue her work in heritage product design and launch her brand, Onnen Design.