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Posted 16.11.15

Introducing Ben Lintell

By Sarah Packer

Ben working in our glass studios.

BA (Hons) Contemporary Crafts student Ben Lintell is only at the start of his second year and his work is already attracting attention. Specialising in glass but also well versed in pot throwing, Ben is a natural when it comes to crafts.

Ben has been involved with the college since he was nine years old attending our Saturday Arts Club until he was 16. From that he then got involved with the National Art and Design Saturday Club when it was first piloted – founded by designer and creative entrepreneur Sir John Sorrell CBE – acting as a student rep and travelling to various shows.

Ben began studying on our crafts programme in 2014 and has gone from making paper sculptures to blowing glass and throwing pots.

A natural at a potters wheel and in the glass studio, he has gone from strength to strength, resulting in invites to perform demos at workshops, regular commissions and most recently selling his work in galleries. 

Ben's black bottles with stoppers are some of the pieces he is selling at Saltram.

"Ben experimented with glass a little in his first year, but mostly focused on ceramics. Now he is in the second year he has thrown himself into glasswork and is absolutely brilliant at it, he has a real natural skill for the process and it’s great to see as he’s really in his element in the studio," commented Mim Brigham, third year crafts student.

Ben was invited to hold pot throwing and coil pot demos at a two day ceramics workshop at Saltram House, following a conversation with the events manager at the National Trust property about their 'Our Best China' exhibiton and showing some of his first year work.

"Working with glass and ceramics is something I am quite addicted to, the material is always throwing curveballs at you every second and you have to react, it keeps it exciting, I could do it all day!" — Ben Lintell.

After the event, he brought in some of his current work, a mix of his glass and ceramic pieces, Saltram were impressed by his craftsmanship and are now selling it in the Saltram Chapel Gallery, and the relationship is ongoing with Ben supplying them with more work as it sells.

Ben's iridescent pieces on sale at Glass!! – Devon's  award winning premier glass art gallery.

And it doesn’t stop there, Glass!! – Devon’s award winning premier glass art gallery – on the Barbican, Plymouth, now also exhibit and sell Ben’s glass sculptures and vases alongside work by well known professional glass artists.

"I just fell in love with making things. The facilities here are incredible and whenever I work in the studios I feel really proud to be a glassblower at Plymouth College of Art." — Ben Lintell.

Ben’s work captures organic forms showcasing the fluidity that comes with working with glass. He references his interests in science, mathematics and nature in much of his work – translating them into a physical form when creating his sculptures.

Ben’s current body of work is inspired by the movement of liquid in a glass and, once again, capturing that fluidity and translating the physics of that into a glass form.

Ben studied ceramics in his first year and held pot throwing demos at Saltram House before deciding to specialise in glass.

Ben will continue with a glass specialism in his third year, commenting, "There’s something addictive about glass, it’s that feeling when you finish for the day and you leave the workshop having finished and perfected a piece that you really wanted to do – you can’t beat it."

"One of the best things about working with glass is when we all work together as a team. Sometimes you want to make a larger piece which you can’t handle on your own and everyone comes together to help out. 

"Even in demos from our technician Lawrence, he gets everyone involved so it’s a great way to learn about the process and really hands-on. It’s a great feeling to pitch together and know that you are helping people make their final projects."

If you wish to purchase any of Ben’s pieces, he’ll be selling work at the Contemporary Craft Pop-Up Shop on 19 - 21 November and you can catch him at the Christmas Market in Plymouth City Centre from 26 November to 6 December 2015.

See more of Ben’s work here.

Ben’s work captures organic forms, created without tools in order to capture the fluidity that comes with working with glass.

One of four small glass vases that Ben is making and selling.