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Posted 06.10.15

In Pictures: Students get involved in annual sand sculpture competition

By Sarah Packer

Students on our Foundation Diploma in Art and Design come together to create sand sculptures for this annual event at Looe beach.

Nearly 100 new students aged 18 and over, from our Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, visited Looe Beach to work together creating sand sculptures as part of their induction to the college.

Course leader Helen Markes said, "We have international students joining us this year, so I wanted to make sure that everyone on the course had a good introduction to the local area. Looe offers a vibrant and thriving community, something that we encourage our students to contribute to.

“The annual sand sculpture competition, which is now in its fifth year, is a great way for new students to get to know each other and work collaboratively, as well as beginning to learn about land art.”

The East Looe Town Trust awarded a £50 prize to the best sculpture created by students, in a competition judged by local contemporary glass artist, Sandy Horton, and local abstract painter, James Howe, who worked on the films Blade Runner and Excalibur. The Deputy Mayoress of Looe, Julie Gregory, was also in attendance, along with Chairman of the East Looe Town Trust, John Warne CB.

"We were really impressed by the way the students coped with the weather conditions. Strong wind meant that they had to be vigilant and tenacious - often having to remake parts of the sculptures, especially the detail that had actually blown away," said judges Sandy Horton and James Howe.

"We also felt that the groups galvanised well, no mean feat considering they had only known each other for five days. Having completed a Foundation myself, I realise the importance of communication, collaboration and creativity, and the students are certainly learning those skills."

Our Foundation Diploma in Art and Design is an intensive course that prepares post A-Level students for university through discovery, experimentation and exploration across a range of disciplines. The programme gives students the freedom to try out new ideas and introduces them to a range of media, materials, and resources, preparing them for progression to degree-level study. Each year many of the students on the course choose to stay within the area and continue to study here at the college.

The winning sand sculpture – Duane Hansen's Derelict Woman

Students were inspired by historical artefacts and paintings, recreating them in sand.