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Posted 18.12.18

Get £1,200 towards the cost of your degree

By Lauren Taverner Brown

Did you know that we give all of our home (UK) Undergraduate students at Plymouth College of Art up to £1,400 to help cover the cost of studying - from class trips, to materials and equipment, our Bursary is there for all students, to help ease any worries about the cost of your degree.

As an independent art school, we don't want your creative practice to be restricted by your financial situation, so we have set aside money to support you through each year of study. If you meet the necessary requirements, as a three year BA (Hons) student you are entitled to a total of £1,200, and if you’re studying on one of our four-year extended degree programmes, you will be entitled to £1,400. You’ll also still be able to apply for more financial support and other bursaries should you need them.

And the best part? The Bursary comes in the form of cash paid directly into your account, and you won't have to pay this money back. You're free to use this allowance to buy materials and experiment within our state-of-the-art facilities, develop your practice and degree work, and ultimately explore the breadth of your creative ability. 

We put together a few FAQs to explain our Bursary in more detail - read on to find out more...

How much money could I get?

For a three year BA (Hons) degree you can get up to £1,200 in total, paid in installments over a three year period. However, if you study on one of our four year extended degree programmes, the bursary goes up to a total of £1,400.

The amount you receive depends on which year you're in, and gradually increases as you progress through your programme. (Please note that part-time students will receive half of the amount of full-time students per academic year.)

What are the requirements I have to meet to qualify for the bursary?

You must be a home (UK) student, and you need to maintain a high level of attendance (80% or above) each term - this will be taken into consideration when bursary awards are being confirmed throughout the year.

Are there any other requirements to be eligible for the bursary?

You must be enrolled on your programme, and your tuition fees must be paid in full each term.  

Do I have to pay it back?


When will I see the money in my account?

The bursary is usually paid at three points throughout the year – in December, March and May for Extended BA, first and second-year students.

Third-year students will usually receive the remaining amount of the bursary during the second term in order to help with the costs of purchasing materials for their final projects.

How will I get the money?

Payments are made via bank transfer into the account used on your Student Finance application. The college will make contact with students who are paying their fees themselves to collect their bank account details for payment.  

What am I allowed to spend the Bursary on?

The Bursary is intended to help students with the costs of University, ranging from material expenses to educational trips.

Is there any other financial help available?

Students being funded via Student Finance have the option of applying for a Maintenance Loan to assist with living expenses. You can speak to our Student Finance team for more information by calling +44 (0)1752 203423, or emailing

I’m an international/EU student - can I access the Bursary too?

The college Bursary is only available to home (UK) students in the 2019/2020 academic year. If you are an EU student and you were enrolled on your programme before this, you will remain eligible for the Bursary for the remainder of your studies.