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Posted 10.08.16

Graduate Q&A: Motion graphics and eco-art with Pre-Degree grad Denis Shpakov

By Emily Rose Collins
Still from ED Interactive Media & Game Arts student Denis Shpakov's final major project.
We highlight Extended Diploma Interactive Media & Game Arts graduate Denis Shpakov, winner of our Graduate Shows Pre-Degree Student of the Year Award.

Proving the digital world's importance in shaping physical realities, we talk eco-art and motion graphics with the young innovator...

Hi Denis, so tell us about your work that featured in our recent Graduate Shows? 

Hi, well having always been concerned about global warming and more recently inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s speech from this year's Oscars Ceremony, I decided to address the topic through visual representation.

"At  college I was taught how to think as a designer and started producing work with certain meaning behind it and always relating it to something."

The purpose of the final outcome is to serve as an educational video, acquainting people with current threats to our planet. 

The final product is a motion graphics video with core 3D animation and applied visual effects during post-production. Five industry standard programmes, as well as several heavy third-party plug-ins, were used to realise this project.

Impressive! So what drew you to this medium?

I first showed an interest in video editing back in 2010, and since then have been experimenting with all sorts of applications, techniques and processes.

"During my studies at Plymouth College of Art I have established a clearer direction, knowing visual effects and CGI will definitely become my field of practice."

Can you describe your Influences?

Initially gaming influenced me the most when I started, recording various gameplay footage and connecting them as edited montages. But at PCA I was taught how to think as a designer and started producing work with a certain meaning behind it and always relating it to something.

Currently I am being inspired by visual effects and CGI in films and advertisement, as well as technologies in the gaming industry. I'm always keeping an eye on high-quality works by other artists and try to expand my personal knowledge, setting higher standards for myself every time. 

How has studying at the college shaped your future?

I have professionally developed as a creative personality. You are in your element surrounded by creative minds here, especially when you find the perfectly suited course. In my opinion, this is a big advantage of specialist art colleges.

"I have made such rapid progress, my portfolio is now fleshed out with works from different disciplines." 

What are your plans after Plymouth?

I will be doing a BSc Visual Effects and CGI course at Staffordshire University and continuously working on my skillset, the last two years have been just the start. 

Denis Shpakov, Pre-Degree Student of the Year Award winner.

Sounds fantastic, any words to leave us with?

Thanks to all my tutors, classmates and family for the support, without which I would not have been able to reach these exciting heights!