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Posted 26.07.16

Gallery Shorts | good things come…

By Sarah Packer

In April, artist Kevin Hunt and our Exhibitions Manager Hannah Jones opened their co-curated show ‘good things come…’ . Featuring work from 17 international sculpture artists, the exhibition aimed to reveal how the size of an object and our attention upon it is intrinsically linked to time.

To find out about the exhibition, we sat down for a chat with exhibiting artist and curator, Kevin Hunt – watch it now above.

Filmed and edited by Round One Films Ltd – run by BA (Hons) Film graduates Robert Marshall and Aden Barwick.

Starting off our Sculpture Season in the Gallery is ‘good things come…’ an exhibition showcasing work by a variety of artists exploring objects and time through sculpture.

Blink and you’ll miss it. The words conjure up a kind of panic of not wanting to lose sight of the protagonist ‘thing’ by keeping it locked into view. This 'thing' could be small, it might even be tiny (and therefore easy to miss) yet once found, the inevitability of time means that sooner or later you’ll have to give in and blink.

good things come... proposes a scenario that contradicts this quandary by suggesting a world where the size of an object and our attention upon it (as artists and spectators) is intrinsically linked to time.

Pursuing a dual concept governed by the multiple readings of this well-known phrase, good things come... presents small-scale selections and scaled-up collections. Complex objects of varying ages fuse history with form, implying that the more time we have to spend with a thing (and therefore the longer we wait) the greater the reward (perhaps even in the smallest of ways).

The exhibition features an eclectic range of new and old works from 17 established and emerging artists, all of whom work with sculpture. It seeks to question the concept of time, asking audiences to consider each item in the exhibition.

Agnes Calf / Alex Frost / Clive Murphy / Eric Bainbridge / Hayley Tompkins / Jack Lavender / Jo Addison / Kevin Hunt / Leo Fitzmaurice / Oliver Tirre / Peter Amoore / Richard Wentworth / Ryan Gander / Ruth Proctor / Sean Edwards / Susan Collis / Vanessa Billy

good things come... is curated by Kevin Hunt in collaboration with Hannah Jones (Exhibitions Manager, The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art).

Directed by Sarah Packer, BA (Hons) Photography graduate. Music by EifiE.

  • Review: good things come… in The Gallery

    Fine Art student Louise Riou-Djukic reviews the imaginative and playful elements of our latest exhibition in The Gallery, 'good things come...'. On until Sat 4 June 2016 and curated by Kevin Hunt and Hannah Jones, the show kicks off our Sculpture Season.