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Posted 20.05.20

Gallery Shorts | Eleanor Duffin: A Phantom Limb

By Sarah Packer

As part of the South West Showcase 2020, Eleanor Duffin presented a new installation-based work which incorporated sculptural objects and sound-based work.

These new elements were extensions of an ongoing project, titled Phantoms of Form, which takes as it’s central point the idea of the “other” woman. This chapter of the project, titled A Phantom Limb, focused on a series of letters written by Eleanor to the artist Barbara Hepworth, following a visit to Hepworth’s studio in October 2018.

Recurring concerns within Eleanor’s practice is the role of verbal and text-based language in the process of making, the relationship developed by the female with materials and the nature of co-working, within a visual art context.

Lauren Houlton writes on A PHANTOM LIMB, ELEANOR DUFFIN - read it here.

As part of our Gallery Shorts series, artist Eleanor Duffin reflects on her 2020 exhibition 'A Phantom Limb' at The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art – watch it now.

Filmed and edited by Round One Films Ltd – run by BA (Hons) Film & Screen Arts alumni Robert Marshall and Aden Barwick.

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