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Posted 25.07.17

Free falling into Ben Lintell’s beautiful new glass collection

By Phillip Buchan

Benjamin Lintell's 'Free Fall' collection

Glass artist and BA (Hons) Contemporary Crafts graduate Benjamin Lintell has been involved with the college since he was nine years old, joining when we became one of the founding partners of the Sorrell Foundation’s National Saturday Art & Design Club.

In 2016, during his degree-level study, Ben spent a summer interning with glass artisans Studio Le Four in Paris, the personal studio of glass blower Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert. It was under the tutelage of Jeremy that he developed an interest in detailed filigrana cane work, a technique that he began incorporating into his own work.

During the course of his degree, Ben has sold glasswork through The National Trust, Glass!!, Brownston Gallery, and Tonic Gallery. He was also interviewed as part of the Freelands Foundation film ‘Thinking Making’, which premiered at London’s Saatchi Gallery at COLLECT, the Crafts Council’s International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects.

“These new pieces explore the relationship between the form and the emergent pattern constructed from these individual paths of flowing movements."

"After studying in Paris I had an abstract idea of cascading intention that I wanted to express in my glasswork,” Ben said, recollecting his time with Studio Le Four, "specifically the way that when groups interact, a single action can cascade through a network of intention.

"You can see the results in my collection, ‘Cascade’, which was created by using the split-second intervention of a tool while each piece was being manipulated, rupturing the movement of the object and causing cascading consequences to the form and pattern."

Speaking of his most recent collection of work, ‘Free Fall’, Ben said: “For the Degree Shows at the college, I knew that I wanted to progress these ideas of cascading intent further. Throughout nature, there are beautiful patterns of movement, emergent twists and vortexes within the flow of group movement. Layers of contrasting direction interact with each other within a murmuration to create these effects, bringing the form to life. It is the individual paths within that are integral to describing the form as they travel from sky to ground.

“These new pieces explore the relationship between the form and the emergent pattern constructed from these individual paths of flowing movements. The forms cast a curving path through space that suspends the twisting and compounding pattern as they glide in a free fall.”

Most recently, Ben was selected to appear in the college's Best Of Summer Show exhibition in The Gallery, before heading across to Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, USA for a summer glass residency. Look out for Ben's full write-up of his time at the acclaimed international glass school soon. // @blintell