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  • Anna Boast '& the kitchen sink*' Photo by Liam Fuller

  • Anna Boast '& the kitchen sink*' Photo by Mikey Neale

  • Anna Boast '& the kitchen sink*'

  • Franziska Wagner 'Yes' Photo by Jon Cooney

  • Franziska Wagner 'Yes' Photo by Jon Cooney

  • Franziska Wagner 'Yes'

  • Will Shanahan and Alice Holmes 'Strigae' Photo by Liam Fuller

  • Will Shanahan and Alice Holmes 'Strigae'

  • Will Shanahan and Alice Holmes 'Strigae'

Posted 08.06.17

Fashion Graduate Collections 2017: Three to see

By Sarah Packer

Running as part of our annual Degree Shows, ‘Galvanise’ will see fashion-forward designs brought to life by our talented students on a pop-up catwalk, at the award-winning Red House on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 June.

With 2017’s show fast approaching, we preview three exciting student works to see from some of our most promising designers. In no particular order...

Anna Boast — ‘and the kitchen sink*’

Working with the mundane and the vulgar, Anna’s collection '&thekitchensink*' draws inspiration from the work of photographer Martin Parr, known for his intimate, satirical and anthropological look at aspects of modern life.

We caught up with Anna about her A/W17 collection: “Alongside Martin Parr, my collection takes inspiration from the eccentric life of hoarders and their compulsion to scavenge supposedly nonsensical items. I draw specifically from the humour behind this facade and the worship bestowed upon the trinkets within their dwelling.

“My grandparent's bungalow was a big inspiration for me, it’s embellished with an amalgamation of knick-knacks from Scotland and the Orient and that played a large part in the overall design of the collection.”

Anna’s accompanying film looks through a 'Beano' tinted lens as three models doodle crosswords, munch on Haribo and hang out in the bathroom. With elements of tongue-in-cheek and double entendre, it reflects the playfulness of the pieces and of her as a designer.

Anna has already been featured on Vogue and highlighted by award-winning fashion director, Hilary Alexander at Graduate Fashion Week, London.

Anna Boast // @annaaboast

Film: Rob Joy, BA (Hons) Film

Franziska Wagner — ‘Yes’

Drawing inspiration from the Fluxus art movement in the 60’s and the work of Yoko Ono, Franziska’s collection works together preconceived masculine shapes and feminine detailing. The result? Masculine shapes become feminine and feminine details become masculine with tailoring details juxtaposed with simple hardware.

The fabrics chosen are based on an interpretation of Ono’s work entitled 'Forget it': man made vs natural and tangible vs imaginary. The collection is inspired by feminist issues including the public perception of Yoko Ono primarily as John Lennon’s wife, rather than an artist in her own right.

Franziska explained: “When researching for my collection, I came across an exhibition called 'Future Feminism' at 'The Hole' in New York. Created by female artists, it showcased stoneworks with written manifestos representing a feminist perspective. The three words I have chosen to embroider on my collection: 'Participation' 'Protector' and 'Predator' originate from these stoneworks.

“The word 'Participation' is selected from the stone with the words “Future Feminism requires the participation of all people.” I deliberately placed this word on a white men’s coat, showing how important it is for men to actively take part in feminism.

“The words 'Protector' and 'Predator' are picked from the stone saying “Relieve men of their roles as protectors and predators” and again I purposely chose to use these words on coats for women to demonstrate that the meaning usually isn't associated with women but it can and should. These words emphasise what I want to say with my collection. Softness is as masculine as hardness is feminine.”

Franziska Wagner //

Film by Luke David Sims, BA (Hons) Film

Will Shanahan & Alice Holmes — ‘Strigae’

This collaborative collection explores a series of shape manipulation and distorted concepts and takes inspiration from the themes of deformity present in the Three Witches of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ and the works of Goya, a painter known for his striking and often unforgiving portraits.

Made from a variety of stretch jersey prints, wool-tops yarn, rip-stop, fleece, neoprene, and waterproofing fabrics, the duo’s key focus was the exploration of bold colour and print and it’s application on urban sportswear.

Of their decision to collaborate, Alice said: “I wanted to grow my skills in a professional format, as I am a conscientious person, and felt that in order to grow, I needed to delegate tasks to a team environment in order to produce a final collection. I really liked Will's style of illustration, and felt that it would enhance my technical ability in a fashion forward environment.”

Will added: “Collaborating with one another came naturally through a mutual appreciation of each other’s work. It gave Alice and myself the opportunity to focus on the aspects of making that we both love, mine being illustration and print and Alice's leaning more towards the technical side. Developing my skills in print further is of huge interest to me so having the chance to focus on this throughout the final chapter in my degree has been an amazing experience.”

Alice Holmes // @alielizaholmes

Will Shanahan & Alice Holmes 'Strigae'. Photos by Liam Fuller.

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