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Posted 29.05.15

Fashion Graduate Collections 2015: Three to see

By Jake May

In a few weeks’ time our BA (Hons) Fashion students will be unveiling their designs on the catwalk for our Fashion Graduate Collections 2015.

Running as part of our annual Summer Show, the event will see forward-fashion designs by our talented students strutted on a pop-up catwalk at Plymouth School of Creative Arts on 10 and 11 June.

With 2015’s Fashion Graduate Collections fast approaching, we preview three exciting student works to see – and three talented students to keep eye on for the future...

Laura Blastock


Gradually falling into a superior condition. Inspired by the concealed beauty of decayed surfaces. Patchwork, knit, scavenging scraps, this menswear collection explores textural surface decoration in oversized shapes.

“I focus on eco-friendly fashion. That was a main element to my final year collection," Laura says. "I started my research in recycling but I found lots of photos of rotting walls which I found really interesting and my project ended up moving towards the idea of decay.

“A lot of my textiles or fabrics are end of line, sourced from charity shops, leftover fabrics from other people, or things I’ve found in scrap. I’ve done a lot of upcycling. I was interested in recycling, particularly in Africa, and the designs are related to that.

“I’m not a very commercial designer so my pieces are all one-offs and in the future I want to go into menswear.

“In the college, I’ve really enjoyed having lots of tutor time. I think it’s really important. I have friends in London and they get a fraction of what we get here."

“I’ve really, really enjoyed my time here. The facilities that I’ve experienced have been really good – screen-printing, woodwork, ceramics, the tufting gun. I’m able to practise with these resources, learn the skills, and incorporate that into my work.

“I’ve also really enjoyed having lots of tutor time. I think it’s really important. I have friends in London and they get a fraction of what we get here.

“And the Fashion space that was have is really good too. It’s allowed us to work with other year groups and that’s really helpful. Working together you get new ideas. We also get to work alongside the BA (Hons) Fashion Media and Marketing students who give us loads of helpful pointers.”


‘Verval’, design by Laura Blastock, BA (Hons) Fashion

Molly Mildren

‘Insert Title Here'

There is no he, she, you or we. Just Me. Non gender specific. Unisex.

“My ideas over the past few months have changed a lot," Molly says. "The initial concept was all about the subconscious mind. But now it’s got a lot of different elements.

"I wanted my garment to be practical. The colours are quite muted, the silhoutte is fairly classic, and the coat has pockets. It's also reversible – though I don’t want to specify which is ‘inside’ and which is ‘outside’. I want someone to buy it and keep it for a long time.  

"Also, rather than my design being gender-specific, I wanted it to be gender-less. I want it to be worn by anyone – and I also want to reflect changes in society. 

"My time at the college has been excellent. I studied an Extended Diploma here a few years ago and then moved to Cardiff to continue at degree level – but I moved back after my first year. The facilities there didn’t compare. Here, they’re amazing and it’s great how we get access to everything – screenprinting, 3D design in the FabLab, photography, and more – not just the fashion studio.

"After college, I’m hoping to go into buying, preferably in London. I want to work in high street rather than high fashion design – but obviously if Burberry offered me a job, I wouldn’t say no.”


'Insert Title Here', design by Molly Mildren, BA (Hons) Fashion

Serg Bojorean


shape via line / garment via form / via fabric

future via past / japan via africa / image via sound

“Within my designs, there are a few things going on at the same time – but at the start of it all was music," says Serg.

"Music from Japan and Africa was a particular influence. I was listening a lot as I was designing, so it was very subconscious. The feeling that the music gives you.

"My collection is also all made up of identical pieces. Almost identical.

"A while ago I went to a life drawing class where we we had to use straight lines and  straight lines only. It’s that idea where you restrict yourself to one rule and just push it as far as it can go.

"It’s a different approach to design and that appeals to me.

"After I graduate, my long-term goal is to be my own designer. But in the short-term I want to continue gaining experience and learning more with other designers – building on the skills I’ve gained here."


‘vʌɪə’, design by Serg Bojorean, BA (Hons) Fashion

See these designs on the catwalk at 2015's Fashion Graduate Collections, 10+11 June, Plymouth School of Creative Arts.

Tickets available at reception or over the phone on 01752 203 434. See more at

Fashion Graduate Collections 2015 from Plymouth College of Art on Vimeo.