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Posted 22.04.14

Extended Diploma Fashion students create St George’s Day costume for local councillor Chaz Singh

St George may well have slayed a dragon - but did he do it looking as smoothly stylish as local councillor Chaz Singh? Unlikely.

Chaz's bold and colourful St George's Day outfit - which he wore proudly on horseback at the St George's Day festival this weekend - was hand-created by Fashion students on our Level 3 Extended Diploma course.

"The students have done a fantastic job. Every year they just keep getting better and better," local Labour councillor Chaz said. 

"It has been a really good project, the students have worked really hard and put in a lot of time and effort.

"I hope that I can carry on working with the college; promoting, excelling and showing the wider community in terms of how partnership work is good - and promote the skills, the talent and the determination of the students when it comes to designing something and putting their pieces of work."

Chaz wore the outfit at the St George's Day festival, which he organises, in the city centre on Saturday - parading through Plymouth streets on horseback.

Kirby Lloyd, a student on ED Fashion who created the tailcoat, said: "The most exciting part of being involved with this project is that you get to show your designs off lots of people."

Hallie Grace Lonsdale, who made the trousers, added: "It has really helped develop my pattern cutting skills. We're really pleased with how it turned out."

Photos by BA (Hons) Photography graduate Matthew Sheather